Strange Pits of Fashion Have I Known: An Apology

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Poetry  |  House: Booksie Classic

The title is a play on the William Wordsworth poem, "Strange Fits of Passion Have I Known."

I consider this an apologetic poem as the narrator found seven people from his past who he feels he neglected a chance to be close with, almost considering them all "the ones that got away." Each girl has their own section, the first stanza is disorganized and directed to the girl, the second is in meter and spoken in retrospect. Enjoy.


We met in our psyche class

When we were both freshmen.

I never tried to do much

Beyond compare notes, but you

Grew very interested and

You called me every day.

While I led you on until

You would slowly fade away.

Then we both moved on and

You got yourself someone else

And it raised no alarm inside my head.

Then he died. Her man,

The guy who took that vacant space

I neglected to pursue. The pain

Of loss was written on her face.

And all her friends I'd known

Were writing eulogies.

She refused to change her status,

And admit that she was free.

And I tried to accept

That I could never love her now.

Her life has changed; well she has

Probably forgotten me anyhow.


You came out of nowhere, way back

When we used to roam the streets

Drinking in our playful youth.

You would appear with your friends

And you all said hello, you were

Younger than me but it didn't matter.

And then when I would say goodbye,

You would say it back, but you

Would plant a kiss upon my lips;

Nothing serious, just a drunken kiss

Every time I left, and once

While I was driving home from work

I saw you on the street, you asked

WhatI was doing that night;

And before I drove away,

You planted one more kiss, your last.

Then I went away to school

And began to miss the nights

When just saying goodbye

Could leave me satisfied.

I know I never said to her

How each kiss made me feel,

But I can't help but think that

If I had, this might be real.

If we could have been something

More than just a flinch,

A second of euphoria

That faded in a cinch.


At first I was surprised at how

You would respond to my pursuits

You were beautiful, and I felt weird

Even being able to be seen

Beside you; even if you got too drunk

And often disappeared, the night

Would always end with you back

Beside me, saving the last dance,

Until summer came and we were distant,

Living states away. And my paranoia grew on me;

If the last dance wasn't mine, then who

Was glorified with such a gift? I might

Have gotten pretty mad that night

You did not return my call

And I said some hurtful things, and now

Well, you want no part of me at all.

Her eyes are piercing,

Her hair on fragile shoulders rests,

And just her picture makes me

Feel a strong sense of regret.

I want to ask her how she's been,

And see if she's still mad,

But I know she will not come back

Because I hurt her pretty bad.

And she is miles away from me,

That's the way she wants to stay.

But I still cannot shake this belief,

That she'll return some day.


You were introduced to me

One night out at the bar, and I

Didn't quite fall for you, I didn't

Care at that time to really get involved.

But something hit me late that night

That insisted I pursue you, so I

Asked if you'd come back out

And spend some time with me;

You declined!But I was persistent

Spouting charming phrases

And I know that you were slightly wooed

But you did not want this at all

And it grew obvious to me too, and soon,

Our conversations ceased altogether.

I still see her out

And we exchange hellos

But I start to think about

What she feels down below,

Beneath the friendly small talk

We must still exchange,

If she can still remember

The words I used to say,

In place of the "Hi, how are you's"

Were gaudy compliments;

Does she still see me saying them?

Or like me, did she forget?


It was actually a joke at first

When your friend, our friend,

Screamed out in the bar, announcing

You were single and you were looking!

So I jokingly feigned interest.

-Then she set up a date for us,

But I never showed, Iwas

Busy watching a baseball game!

And you, you were not going to wait,

So you met our other friend, and from there

Blossomed into a five-year love affair.

I caught up with her briefly

When her birthday rolled around,

Bought a couple drinks and then

Spoke of our old town.

Then she danced away

To be with her man

And I marveled at the years

That passed with slight of hand.

What if I had never stayed

To see the Yankees play;

There will always be a game on

But there's only one Ashley.


I met you when I was twenty.

You sat next to me when

I was patching back together

My failed education at a

Community College I dreaded,

Where NewYork's low life had come

To patch up their lives as well.

You had a movement that made me think

That if I listened to you talk, we may

Establish something meaningful together.

But then you fell astray, you stopped

Attending classes and I

Had a one night dream of us

Sharing Thanksgiving dinner with

All your relatives, none of which

I'd ever actually met.

Her hair's now blonde,

Its grown long and strait,

And shes got a baby

With her brand new mate.

She holds him close,

Exploits her charm,

Rocking him gently

Within her arms.

I start to realize she did not see

The future I wish Ihad said;

Seems all her sublte movements

Danced only in my head.


How our friendship started

I don't exactly recall now.

I know that I was intoxicated

And something drew me towards

You and your friends at the bar.

And I arrived with no intention.

I bought you all some drinks and

We talked away the night

And then you took me off

To the side to tell me that

Everyone but me ignored you

And you thought I was really nice.

Then we briefly shared

A kiss I can still feel.

We said our goodbyes and

I left, never to return.

At night I see her waiting

For me to call her back

To tell her what I'm doing,

And make sure she's still intact.

That's if she still remembers

Our one enchanted night,

And when I think about it,

I highly doubt she might.

So I stare into the faces

Of others when I'm out

Hoping to recognize her, but if

We'd amount to something-I doubt.

Submitted: September 12, 2010

© Copyright 2020 Mike Florio. All rights reserved.

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Lisa Marie

like this very real- (:

Sun, September 12th, 2010 5:18pm



Sun, September 12th, 2010 11:16am



that would be perfect for someone who got clymidea, all you'd have to do is put 'I've got clymydia' at the end of each verse and then tell them to pass it among themselves. Very good stuff though, alot of thought and hard work has gone into this. Well done! :)

Mon, September 13th, 2010 1:03pm


Haha then it would be a congratulatory poem for the girls to have not gotten the clap, rather than an apology. Thanks a lot for the comment.

Mon, September 13th, 2010 6:07am



Whoa. There's a lot of emotion coming off the page. This is the longest poem that I've actually 'read' and enjoyed. Brilliant job.

Mon, September 20th, 2010 6:58am


Thank you so much!

Mon, September 20th, 2010 3:21am

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