Our Love. Old and Beautiful...

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Remembering how strong our love is on any given Sunday.

Submitted: June 26, 2011

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Submitted: June 26, 2011



The trees have just changed, they are a vibrant orange and red, with absolutely no green to be seen anywhere. Although we know that this means the end of the summer, the end of the line for those leaves, we appreciate the beauty that comes from their passing.

We set out on the 1949 Harley Davidson shovelhead as the sun is rising. Wrapped in gloves, a leather jacket, boots and thermal socks, we wipe the dew off the leather seats, get comfortable and make way for a long day of freedom and adventure. The intimacy that we will share today can only come from being on the open road with someone you love.

We ride off for about an hour with the rising sun on our backs, slowly warming up the air to the point where the motor is actually starting to throw off some heat, finally fighting off the cooling effect of the chilly Autumn air.

We pull into a small country store, settle in for some breakfast and Coffee. We are greeted by many people admiring the bike, talking about past, present and future. Loves, lives, children who rode, people who never came home from wars... The bikes age and its experiences define the way people react when they see it.... My mind drifts listening to the stories. . . I slowly find myself in a place where we are older, still seeking adventure and still very much in love, however our love is now defined by trust and friendship: the kind of love that can only be developed over years of being together. We now share the kind of love that tells me when to let you be alone, and the times when I need to hold you. I focus back on the old iron and chrome steed outside, and see that with aging comes beauty; as with the leaves, the motorcycle, and the love that we have built over so many years... I accept it all. I am now comfortable. I am no longer worried about getting older, or when to have children, or dying. I am content with you, content in our love and our life, and content with the past, present  and future.


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