Apologize: Romeo Remorse

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A poem for Romeo and Juliet about the death of Juliet

Submitted: April 05, 2011

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Submitted: April 05, 2011



Copyright 2011

Apologize: Romeo's Remorse

You tell me you need me

you tell me I can't be

you tell me I can't see

All heaven falls before those eyes

and even an angel must die

as tears fall when I cry

love a harsh mistress comes calling

but I try to stop my falling

in my pain I feel alive

as my heart crushes in a graceless dive

for one as beautiful as you

comparable to the morning dew

you with golden eyes as lovely as the rain that fall

you forget to apologize and I leave in a pall

dead to you

as dead as dead can be for your love is cruel

racked with grief I take the golden blade to my heart

like Romeo this form of art

the art of the dead

to hang or a bullet to my head

broken as a fallen tree

take that knife and let me free

poison lips as lovely as the moon

ah but my death shall be soon

you look upon the cold body and swoon

as I lay dying I remember those cold eyes

eyes a deep gold

full of that pride and bold

and how I loved thee and slip goes the blade

the reaper has received what need be paid

© Copyright 2017 Mike Lachnicht . All rights reserved.

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