Handicap: A Poem in Two Voices

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a poem based on my life experience with a rare disease both me and my parents had to deal with it so this is dedicated to them

Handicaps: A Poem in Two Voices

Dedicated to My Parents


The hospital gown fits around me snug

Oh lord is my son gonna be ok doctor?

Into the MRI machine I go to see my brain, such a loud machine

When can we see the image doctor, is my son gonna be ok?

Prod, poked with needles, blood drawn, bandage on

Sending the blood WHERE? To LA, is my son gonna be ok?

Medicine taken daily, so many pills

Checkup time again is my son gonna be ok?

Leg braces, inability to run, no sports for me

He is spasming again is he gonna be ok?

Spasm wracked body, pain, Halidol,Valium, not working

Deep Brain Stimulation if it comes back?

Worry, gnawing fear, but underneath love

We love you son you’re gonna be ok in our hands

Submitted: February 03, 2012

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