the end as I know it

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this is something I made up while I was studying for an exam. It was described to me as frightening and funny. The story is food for thought.

Submitted: August 23, 2008

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Submitted: August 23, 2008




I'm the only Canadian who ever was given America's highest honour. They took it back when my work undid their sovereignty. I was just trying to help but it ended very badly. What I did was use a rather simplistic arguement to obligate their supreme court to nix the second amendment. Things were fine for a while and then China took them.

I'm certainly not the only one to blame. President Obama's dismantling of America's nuclear arsenal and trust in the international atomic energy agency's oversight of the rest of the world nuclear powers doing the same can't be ignored. How could we know that the person with the power to alert us to China's stockpiling could be bribed? Obviously Mr X is very nearly the most despicable man on the planet but to me he is the greatest human enigma. They said that he is alive and well and living in Qinghai province; they said China gave him Qinghai for his service. I wonder if a province in China was worth selling the world out? I would later learn, as we all did from the undergound broadcast, that all they did was throw him in a tank full of sharks. The irony of that of course is that that course of action is so western (a la james bond and team america) which is what China decries. It used to almost make me laugh so many times but I never lost control, I never wanted my chip to go off and it never did. Perhaps China can take credit for my aquisition of self control.

So how did it happen you ask? How did China take over the world? Well as I said with America and the rest of the world except China's nuclear arsenal in the marianna trench -step one was achieved and then I came along. I wrote a paper for a second year political science class at the University of Toronto that dismantled the logic of the second amendment. Simply put constitutionally obligated elections are the recourse of the citizenry to avoid the tyranny of the government and the police and national guard defend the public so there is no need for people to bear arms and therefore no justification for the posession of arms. After the shooting deaths of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie and separately Paris Hilton, Michael Jordan, Peyton and Eli Manning, Brett Favre, Lou Dobbs (but not by an immigrant), Oprah Winfrey, Steven Spielberg, Eldrick “Tiger” Woods and Ryan Seacrest, public opinion swung in favour of my arguement. And so in 2010 the second amendment was dumped. The Chinese hadn't figured out my compelling and simplistic arguement but they certainly took advantage of its outcome. With only the police and military to take out, they went to work. They organized the required information and disseminated it to their people with an absurd professional zeal and unbreached security. They destroyed every police station and army base with thousands of long range missiles and America capitulated when they nuked the USS George Bush Jr in the Medeterranian sea off the coast of Israel. It was hoped that the EU could mount a resistance but their weak institutions and multiple points of view on how to react took so long that the mere presence of Chinese war vessels caused them to surrender without a fight.

The fear of destruction is a powerful deterrent and we all fell in line. Some thought at first that it wouldn't be that bad but when they put the chip in us we knew it was. When we organized our escape it took three tries. They killed every single person associated with the first two attempts. I was lucky enough to join in for the third attempt. And we were lucky enough and disciplined enough (they thought we couldn't do it) to succeed -if you can call hurtling around the sun in a metal box success. So we've been out here for three years now and we still don't know if they're coming to get us. They act like they have softened up a little as the propaganda we now receive says they understand why we left and they have changed their ways. Some of us buy it and some don't, I don't. Most of us had the chips removed. At first I kept mine because I was afraid of what would happen when it came out but then nothing happened. Now I keep it in me because I want them to know when I am laughing and when I think I know they know I say outloud “suck on that one China” and I laugh louder and harder every time.

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