Wing the shadow rider

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Submitted: May 31, 2012

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Submitted: May 31, 2012



The shadow riders

Starting scene: narrator: One life. One soul. One dream. One purpose. This is the story of one man whose world was turned inside out and upside down this is the story of wing the shadow rider. It all started on a Saturday morning just like any other day the fresh smells of freshly baked bread and the sight of girls dancing in the outskirts of town. Wing was just your average 19 year old boy but that was all about to change he woke up at the sound of screaming he went suddenly to a window and saw a flock of crows on a dead body they suddenly turned to him sensing his energy and rushed toward him seeming to be in sequence they all became as one bird and swooped into him.

Wing: ahh, ahh… ahh, ahh why whhhhhhh-

Narrator: He drifts into a deep slumber and wakes to the sight of the actual thing he didn’t here screams and he didn’t here anything else but he finds out it was all just a terrible nightmare and drifts back to sleep. The next morning he wakes up and finds himself waking up to a scream just like his dream he grabs his knife and stabs himself in the hand.

Wing: oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooowwwwwwwwwwwwww

Narrator: this is real and he goes outside compelled against his will still holding the knife.

He finds crows and all of a sudden he passes out for a moment and finds himself engulfed in a black misty room. He here’s a voice all of a sudden.

: Mike is that you.

Wing: where am I who are you and who is mike.

Rose: my name is rose rider. Mike is my brother and you are in the fortress of the shadow rider. Who may I ask are you?

Wing: My name is Wing Rider.

Rose: as I thought I shall make a path to where you need to go from here.

Narrator: lights come on and a path is revealed. Wing follows the path and sees a younger girl 18, brown hair, black eyes covered with a robe with a weird symbol on it.

Wing: Rose is that you standing in front of me.

Rose: yes. Now look behind you.

Narrator: Wing turns around and sees a robe a dagger with a faint glow and a ring.

Wing: what is all this?

Rose: it is your gear. Robe for disguise, dagger to defeat your enemy, and a ring to confirm your contract of the shadow rider.

Wing: but what else does the ring do, I can see it in your eyes that there is something else.

Rose: yes you are correct; the ring also forms your shadow.

Wing: what do you mean by form my –

Rose: --all in good time. Come on lets go get you suited up and train if you are up for it. Pick up the ring if you aren’t don’t if your not. 5, 4, 3, 2—

Narrator: Wing picks up the ring and puts it on.

Rose: now your contract is nullified if you die.

Wing: understood lets go train or whatever you said.

Rose: fast thinker that’s good it’ll come in handy if you are in combat.

Narrator: both of them go into the training room and begin training.

Rose: ok here is where you go to train now our first level of training is for beginners it is level 0. If you are a fast learner then go to level 1 and begin. Level 0 is on the left corner of the door wall. Level 1 is on the right. Do you understand?

Wing: ok now can I go to 0 then to 1 or what?

Rose: there are three conveyor belts once you complete the coarse one to the door one to level 1 and one to level two.

Wing: ok lets get started.

Rose: ok step on the platform.

Narrator: wing stands on the platform.

Rose: ok now put on your cloak.

Narrator: Wing puts on the cloak and is teleported to another room.

Wing: Whoa this place is awesome now what do I do in he—

Narrator: a flash of red interrupts wing and then a man with his eyes pealed but skin under the peal walks up to him.

Wing: What do I do Rose.

Rose: defend yourself. What word comes to mind? Speak it and you will see why


Narrator: wing feels a slight change as a ball of dark energy comes out of his chest.

Rose: that is your soul. Absorb the shadow and defeat death.

Wing: what do you mean defeat death?

Rose: the enemy of our world is death it takes your soul and destroys your body.

Wing: so how do I absorb shadow?

Rose: grab your soul hold it up and open say your shadow spell.

Wing: what is my shadow spell.

Rose: I am the nightshade I am the shadow rider free the shadows my soul is my weapon.


Narrator: a flash appears in Wings eyes and then he drops as if dead he wakes up in a bright room and with 3 weapons a sword a gun and gloves. Wing waited a couple minutes and nothing happened he looked at the weapons again he first noticed the gloves and then he did enie menie miny mo. He ended on the gloves he did that about 5 times they always ended on the gloves then Wing decided to pick the gloves. Wing wakes up again and he is wearing the gloves.

Wing: what am I going to do with these?

Rose: ahh I see you chose the gloves.

Wing: yes but what am I going to do with them.

Rose: hold up your hands.

Wing: ok now what?

Rose: what word comes to mind?


Narrator: the gloves flame with shadow flame.

Wing: whoa I think I could get used to this. I also think I can take it from here Rose.

Narrator: awkward silence fills the room.

Wing: Rose?

Narrator: a grumble sound comes from behind wing.

Wing: oh yeah I forgot that death is in the room.

Narrator: wing turns around and puts his glove on deaths head.

Wing: Good-bye.

Narrator: wing shoots the dark ember from the gloves and the death is killed (how ironic)

Wing is teleported back to the training room.

Wing: oh hi rose. Thanks for helping me now which one do I take to go to level 1

Rose: hi wing you go on the one to the right farthest from the wall.

Wing: ok

Rose: but before you do that come with me on the right closest to the door wall

Wing: ok

Narrator: so they went through the door to find themselves not going the way they came entering training.

Wing: where are we.

Rose: this is what I wanted to show you, it’s your more personal training room.

Wing: but it’s completely empty.

Rose: yes that’s what makes it personal

Wing: so it’s like a holopad

Rose: exactly… well I must be off Mike is about to come home.

Narrator: rose walks out of the room and closes the door. The room is completely dark but a faint glow is coming out of the middle of wings robe.

Wing: ok lets do this

Memory: what word comes to mind (echo)

Wing: falminous caenon

Narrator: a small glow appears and comes out of wings chest.

Wing: here it comes my soul.

Narrator: but nothing except another K.O. came out of that.

Wing: where am I… hmm this is weird am I dreaming about animals only dr. Seuss could come up with. *Blink* blink*.

I guess this is one of those pick things or I have to catch one of them.

Narrator: so wing looked a bit and finally just decided to just choose one. So he chose one and went after it.

Wing: hmm I will catch you. SHADOW STEP.

Narrator: all of a sudden a shadow came out of wings feet and raised him up about 3 inches.

Wing: whoa how did I do that well now how do I steer this thing maybe by walking. Or maybe by actually telling it forward

Narrator: by saying forward the shadow went forward.

Wing: left, right. Now how do I park this thing? Down.

Narrator: the shadow went left right and then came down and disappeared.

Wing what where did it go. SHADOW STEP.

Narrator: and the shadow reappeared.

Wing: ok. Left forward… just follow the small dragon thing.

Narrator: the shadow stopped.

Wing: oh so I have to tell you what to do. Fine. Left forward… lets try something. Northwest. North…

Narrator: so after an hour, Wing finally got the dragon and then returned to the room he was previously in.

Wing: hmm I thought the dragon would be with me after I got him and my shadow is gone.

Narrator: so wing came out of personal training, and found a small light switch and turned it on. Then went back into personal training. A light was on and the room was completely empty but it had a light.

Wing: ok now lets start. Falmous cananon.

Narrator: the dragon came out of wings torso and flew in top of wings head.

Rose came into the room and saw the dragon and flew toward the light switch and turned it off.

Rose: don’t let the first thing it sees be light shadow spawn can only live in shadow.

Narrator: the dragon opened its eyes and then flew forward then made a bubble out of the shadow around it.

Rose: we can turn the light back on now the bubble is stable

Wing: ok now I’m going to go train in the open training room.

Rose: ok let me show you how to get there

Wing: Shadow step.

Rose: so you have found out how to use that.

Wing: yeah. Follow Rose Rider.

Narrator: the shadow goes right behind her.

Wing: ok let’s go.

Narrator: the 2 of them go to the training room.

Wing: ok see you in a little while me and falminous caenon are going to train.

Rose: so you picked a name for him.

Wing: yeah.

Narrator: wing goes to level 1.

Wing: ok falminous, lets show death what were made of. Hey rose could you please set the enemies to 6 to begin with. I AM THE NIGHTSHADE I AM THE SHADOW RIDER FREE THE SHADOW FOR MY SOUL IS MY WEAPON. I AM THE SHADED FLAME.

Narrator: the gloves appear and just in time too.

Wing: shadow step.

Narrator: the shadow reappears out of wings feet.

Wing: caenon you take those 3 and ill take these three.

Falminous: OK *Grins*

Wing: you can talk?

Falminous: yeah.

Wing: well anyway, you take those-

Falminous: yeah I heard you.

Rose: wing you can link the shadow to your brain waves and just walk normally… OR RUN!

Wing. How?

Rose: ok I paused the program so you can just grab some of the shadow and put it on your head after that you should be able to move naturally and you wont feel it or see it.

Narrator: wing does those things and is able to move naturally.

Wing: ok you can unfreeze the program.

Rose: resuming.

Narrator: wing moves toward the first death spawn.

Wing: hey rose can I charge up my shadow flame?

Rose: yes, just simply think charge.

Wing: ok.

Narrator: wing does that and it charges

Wing: death banes flame.

Narrator: the flame grows and nearly fills the room.

The flame kills all 6 of the death spawn.


Rose: that’s amazing you already learned death banes flame.

Caenon: that’s a let down I didn’t get to kill anything I’m going back to sleep.

Narrator: Caenon goes back into wings torso.

Wing: ok then that was weird.

Rose: you’ll get used to it

Wing: what do you mean do you have one too?

Rose: yeah you want to see it.

Wing: sure

Narrator: the animal came out it is shaped like a small rose then changed into a small dragon.

Wing: is that how you got your name rose.

Rose: I am the shadow I am the full moon. Listen to my story look at my past.

Narrator: rose pointed to wing and wing passes out.

A couple minutes later wing wakes up and finds himself next to rose in what looks like his hometown.

Wing: I know this place it looks like my home.

Rose: this is where I grew up follow me

Narrator: wing follows rose

Rose: by the way how’s your hand.

Wing: what do you mean?

Narrator: wing looks at his hand and sees the stab wound pouring with black ooze.

Rose: I just wanted to remind you that you stabbed your hand.

Wing: oh I forgot all about it.

Rose: here

Narrator: rose hands wing a bandage.

Rose: cover the wound up your soul is escaping.

Wing: wait-WHAT DID YOU SAY.

Rose: its no big deal.

Wing: no big deal I could be an empty shell right now I could be a-

Rose: let me finish! It’s no big deal because our soul replenishes just like blood of the humans.

Wing: what do you mean blood of the humans? Am I no longer human?

Rose: you sort of are… in other words you’re a shadow.

Wing: oh.

Rose: now come on and lets get to where I was 14 years ago Narrator: they went to the sea orphanage for girls.

Wing: whoa, whoa, whoa, I’m not going in there its for girls I would be intruding.

Rose: don’t worry you can’t be seen by them its in the past.

Wing: ok

Narrator: so they went in and watched over the class for a few minutes.

Young rose: miss Angel whose dat in du cownew.

Miss Angel: which one?

Young rose: the left cownew.

Miss Angel: there’s no one there sweaty.

Young rose: I saw a gew in du cownew.

Rose: so I was seeing myself? Oh well let’s speed thing up a little. Just when its about to be recess.

Wing: ok

Narrator: At recess.

Rose: this is where two orphanages come together. Boys and girls orphanages.

??????? : I believe you.

Young rose: what do you mean who are you.

Young wing/ Scott: my name is Scott rider, and I mean about the girl.

Wing: hey that’s my old name at least until I shot down that crow with my bow and made its wings a Halloween costume… hey wait a minute.

Wing and Rose: wait so you were that-

Wing: Girl – Rose: Boy

Rose: wow.

Wing and rose: hahahahahahaha

Wing: Now lets get back to watching your past.

Rose: Right

Young rose: wait you saw it too.

Young wing: yeah

Young rose: well recess is almost over bye.

Young wing: see you tomorrow.

Rose: but the next day the orphanage caught on fire and I went into a coma for 6 years.

Wing: wow 6 years.

Rose: that’s when I was transported to the shadow fortress. And became a shadow rider.

Narrator: rose and wing are transported back to the shadow fortress.

Rose: and that’s my past.

Wing: wow.

Rose: Now you need to go train.

Wing: why

Rose: because mike is coming and you need to find a way to heal your hand faster.

Wing: why do I need to hide from mike?

Wing meets Mike

Rose: because I haven’t told him about you yet.

Mike: tell who about who?

Hey Wing.

Rose: you two know each other.

Wing and Mike: yeah forgot to tell you we passed each other in training. We decided to get to know each other’s names and just forgot to tell you.

Rose: *scratch* *scratch * this is kinda confusing.

Mike: How so

Rose: well I just didn’t know how utterly worthless you are mike you forgot to tell me my butt you probably just thought you would make a prank and not tell me.

Mike: All right you got me. (Sort of laughing)

Rose: you will pay (demon eyes)

Mike: now you know what I have to deal with.

Narrator: in mid sentence rose starts chasing mike. XD

Wing: I’m going to go train now. One of you has to run out of energy sometime.

Narrator: later that day.

Wing: hey rose where has mike gone to?

Rose: he’s gone to castle death 1.

Wing: what’s with the one

Rose: there are many and that was the first one built.

Wing: can I go?

Rose: sure go to that platform over there.

Wing: ok now what

Rose: now just wait a couple seconds.

Narrator: the teleporter powers up and teleports wing to the castle.


Narrator: caenon comes out of wings chest, a shadow comes out of wings feet and the gloves appear on wings hands.

Wing: lets go caenon.

Caenon: right

Narrator: A few hours later wing goes back to shadow fortress unsuccessful of finding a death grunt to kill.

Wing: why was there no one there, Rose?

Rose: there was a malfunction that teleported you to a different location

Wing: so I just spent a couple hours not being useful?

Rose: yeah.

Wing: hey would you mind teleporting me back home, I have school in a couple of hours.

Rose: sure the machine is back up so I don’t see why.

Do what you did last time and you will be set.

Narrator: wing is teleported to his house just in time to walk to the school.

On the way there he sees peoples shadows and tries to walk into them.

Wing: shadow step (mutter).

Narrator: wing walks into the shadow of the person next to him and is teleported to a red misty room with death spawn in it.


Narrator: wing raises his hand and blasts the death spawn and the death spawn evaporates.

Wing: is that it.

Narrator: 50 more death spawn appear.

Wing: I just had to open my big mouth didn’t I?

Narrator: wing raises his hand.

Wing: death banes flame.

Narrator: the flame obliterates all 50 death-spawn, and wing is teleported to where he was and time resumed.

Wing (thought): did time freeze? Oh well I better get to class.

Narrator: 6 hours later wing goes back to the shadow fortress.

Wing: hey rose guess what I did this morning.

Rose: beat a pop quiz with extra points?

Wing: well that and beat 51 death riders 50 in one shot 1 in the second shot.

Rose: wow that bane must be getting strong. And how did you get to the death grunts?

Wing: I froze time and went into a persons shadow.

Rose: one more question you did unfreeze time right.

Wing: Well yeah.

Rose: That’s good. Now go back and do your thing.

Wing: I forgot to tell you she will not have death spawn in her any more there was a seal thing that appeared in her once I was done inside her.

Narrator: mike comes into the room looking sad.

Rose: whats wrong mike?

Mike: the Death grunts I was battling disappeared in the middle of a battle.

Rose: how many?

Mike: 50.

Wing: I might have something to do with that.

Mike: how?

Wing: I faced 50 of those things this morning.

Mike: then you owe me 50 death grunts, and they have to be real.

Wing: done, come with me to earth.

Mike: ok.

Narrator: wing and mike go to earth and fin d a random person.

Wing and mike: shadow step (mutter)

Narrator: wing and mike step into the person’s shadow.

Wing: here we are and here come you 50 real death grunts. I AM THE NIGHTSHADE I AM THE SHADOW RIDER FREE THE SHADOW MY SOUL IS MY WEAPON SHADOW FLAME

Mike: I am the night sky I am the shadow rider free the shadow my soul is my weapon sword of shadows.

Wing: there is way more than expected there is more like 100.

Mike: ok then wing you take 50 and I’ll take 50.

Wing: right.

Falminous: right.

Wing: wait how did you get out?

Caenon: like I said I didn’t get to kill anything so I’m going back to sleep

Wing: so you can come out of your own free will?

Caenon: duh.

Mike: now is not the time to explain.

Narrator: wing mike and caenon kill all 100 of the death spawn, and then 100 more show up.

Wing: step back you guys won’t want to be in the crossfire.

Mike: of what?

Caenon: you’ll see.

Wing: death banes flame.

Narrator: wing holds his hand up and stares at it. Mike stands next to wing.

Mike: here let me help you with that, Sword of deaths bane.

Narrator: mike stabs the flame and it grows and the sword and the fire become one in each other.

Wing: shadows flaming sword.

Mike: two of three pieces. Strike wing.

Narrator: wing swings the sword toward the ground and a beam made of shadows destroys the 100 death spawns.

Mike: lets head back.

Wing: right come on caenon.

Narrator: wing, mike and caenon go back to the shadow fortress.

Rose: hey guys guess what.

Wing: another person will live forever

Mike: a castle got destroyed.

Rose: yes and yes.

Wing: cool.

Mike: 1 castle down 12 more to go and death can’t create any more castles.

Wing: that’s weird the 13 castles of death.

Narrator: there is a small earthquake.

Wing: what was that?

Mike: oh just death riders trying to get in.

Wing: well then lets teach them not to.

Mike & Rose: ok lets.

Narrator: all four of them go and try to find the death spawn and found something a little more powerful, a death grunt.

Wing: what is that?

Rose: it’s the next level.

Wing: what do you mean?

Mike: the order of levels goes: death spawn, death grunt, death recruit, death monger, death elite, and death.

Wing: oh.

Mike: but we only operate with two levels: recruit, and elite.

Wing: so I’m a recruit?

Rose: until you take a whole castle of death on by yourself, yes.

Wing: oh god ok that might be easy I just need to kill one castle.

Rose: yeah and live to tell the tail.

Mike: but with that death bane it’ll be so much easier.

Wing: he he yeah that helps.

Narrator: so a couple hours later wing came back to the main

Wing: ok I’m going … to … destroy a castle … all by myself.

Rose: ok … you sound unsure.

Wing: I am

The end of wing the beginning of shadow wind

Mike: wing wait you need a little help follow me to training.

Wing: ok

Narrator: wing and mike go to training and then go to level 6.

Wing: what are we doing here?

Mike: letting you wield two weapons.

Wing: ok what do I do.

Mike: well what are your words of combat?

Wing: I am the nightshade I am the shadow rider free the shadow my soul is my weapon.

Mike: ok just do that twice and your good to wield two weapons.

Wing: I am the nightshade I am the shadow rider free the shadow my soul is my weapon. I am the nightshade I am the shadow rider free the shadow my soul is my weapon.

Narrator: wing is transported to a different room then he was last time there are three different items : a pair of sunglasses a pair of wolf ears and a pair of wings.

Wing picks up the wings and gets transported back to training.

Wing: wow what happened?

Mike: look behind you… then look at the ground.

Narrator: wing does that and finds himself floating with his new wings.

Wing: cool now I am ready.

Mike: ok just go to that platform over there.

Wing: ok

Narrator: a few minutes later wing goes to the main room.

Rose: hey wing, you should have a code name.

Wing: ok… how about… hmm… aw shadow wind.

Rose: ok cool. Bie.

Wing: ok im off to earth.

Rose: you need a jacket first. Earth people don’t know about us.

Wing: I still have the wings don’t I?

Rose: yeah and you can’t take them off without pain. Here.

Narrator: wing puts on the jacket and goes to earth.

Wing: ok where’s my house oh right.

Narrator: wing goes to his house and brings out his wings. The town is strangely abandoned so no one saw him… but he was still worried.

He heard weeping after the wings were taken out of his jacket.

Child: wahha wahha mommy mommy.

Narrator: Wing goes to the location of the weeping only to find a teenage girl with a red cloak and the same sign of the cloak he is wearing.

Girl: haha you fool you cannot seriously think that im in need of assistance, look around and see the creations i have made.

Narrator: wing looks around and sees dragons, giant scorpions, and a cyclops turning the town into a heap of trash

Wing: wow you, just wow ok time to kill you.

Narrator: wing pulls out his gloves and his wings, then makes quick work of the cyclops and most of the dragon and then he went for the girl, the girl goes to kill wing and does for a couple of minutes. as the girl walks away wing comes back to life with his eyes glowing black and his muscles gouging out of his skin.

Wing: you'll be sorry you killed me. (demon voice)

Narrator: wings body starts to glow black and is flaming, a bolt of lightning comes out of the sky and turns black, another comes and does the same, then 50 come at the same time and turn pure black. wing starts to float and the lightning incases him. then as everything seems calm for a minute a giant hand reaches out of the ball and grabs the girl. then it hurls her so far that she warps to the castle of death and so does wing. then wing makes a pulse towards the girl.

Wing: haha you are dead now, you have tried the patience of me. (demon voice)

girl: haha but i have many more lives than you Ronore.

narrator: wing floats downward and the ragefire goes away as wings last breath is taken, and the girls life is dripped away as if it were water falling into sand. a couple minutes later wing wakes up only to find out that he was dreaming and he goes into his kitchen.

Wing: hmm that was offputting.

narrator: wings wife comes into the room.

Wing: oh hey rose... ROSE

rose: whats the matter honney you sound stressed come back to bed.

wing: ok.

narrator: wing looks down and sees his robe looks like a broken down cloak and it has the same symbol that was on the shadow rider cloak. then a couple minutes later he wakes up again and finds himself inhis home before he was a shadow rider.

Wing: hmm must have been a dream,

narrator: then he heard a scream

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