A Story Of Surrogate "Victimise" Mother

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Its as story of a Poor Women who involve in a unofficial Surrogacy practice in India.

Submitted: August 19, 2013

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Submitted: August 19, 2013




By Avinash Shukla


HELLO EVERYBODY I am Pushpa a 22 Year Old mother of 3 children but “childless”.

 I only saw them on the time of delivery, its shocking for all of you buttrue. Read my story

Carefully than you will understand the reasons behind why I have not tasted the motherhood &

remain childless though delivering  the 3 child.


I belong to a very poor family of seven (07) from Jharkhand (India).I am a Eldest one out of the Five

Sister’s. My Father married me at the age of sixteen with a Man Named “Rahul” residing in Delhi, through a mediator. The mediator told my father about Rahul,  that his parents died in accident when he was only five years old &  he Spent his childhood in Orphanage and works in a Private Firm as a Marketing Boy & earn 4500/P.M Salary. He lived in a so called rented house. In Early days of marriage Rahul loved & cared me too much. One day he was very sick and went to the doctor clinic , after Diagnose the problem doctor told him that he was suffering from mid stageof cancer & the expenses of being fully cared of cancer was Appx. Rs. 3.00 lacks and time of recovery would be 3 years. We could not  afford this huge amount because our savings was only Rs.4000-5000 in a year & did also not have any approach or Resources to got this huge amount .We also have some very bad memories of Government Run Hospitals through our neighbors, so both of us only now depended upon some miracle  to happen & that also happened within a month time,  when one day  my husband’s friend Akash came to our house to see Rahul & after seeing the condition of Rahul he advise us  that he knew a Doctor Named Ram Mittal who runs a clinic in South Delhi and where he transfers the sperm of the childless couples to a healthy lady who needs a money & pays them a amount ofRs.100000/- (One Lacks) than take full care of lady till she delivers the child & thereafter take away the new born from her and hand over to the donor of the same. So we decided to do the same to earn some money for starting the treatment, We  fixed a appointment with the doctor &  go to his clinic. After going from various medical check ups finally the person in charge of the clinic has taken my signature in  the 30-32 page contract documents related that I have no objection to taken  Other’s Sperm &  to handed over the child after birth to the donor of the same.  He transplanted the sperm in my body and after nine (09) month wait the final day  arrived  when I was admitted into the clinic & where I delivered my first child a baby boy but I

only  saw him  at the time of  feeding. After Two days of delivery I was discharged from the clinic & the accountant of the clinic gave me a amount of Rs.100000.00 (one lakh)  and than I came back to my house. I gave this money to my husband for starting the treatment. He & Akash went to the doctor’s clinic & came back with a packet full of medicines, Rahul told me that doctor gave him a six months medicine & advice to came back after completion of six month course. Six months later Rahul & Akash gone to Doctors clinic for further check-upand told me that the doctors advise me not to do any hard work & take complete bed rest. He was very upset & tense now how to manage  Two Lacks Rupees  for next two year treatments as well as daily house hold expenses but I assure him that he should not  worry about money & just relax and only take care of health. I convinced him to give the birth of child for another Two years as a surrogate mother. I contacted  Doctor Ram Mittal for the same, but this time I negotiated him to raise the amount from One lacks to one lacks  forty thousand and out of this 40000.00 amount as a advance  ,The cause of raising the amount was to bear the monthly household expenses. All these things continues for another Two (02) years, On the final month of treatment doctor told us that the surgery is need for removal of the cancer virus from the blood in Mumbai & it took at least  Seven days time. Rahul gone to the Mumbai  with Doctor &  Akash & I stayed  back at home, after three days my landlord came to me and told that the  Rahul’s phone on hold, I attend the call and too excited when he told that his operation was successful&cancer virus was fully removed from his body and he will came back within two days. But it’s almost fifteen days gone & there is no news about Rahul nor  any phone calls came  , I tried so many time to contact him over his mobile as well as Akash and Doctor’s Mobile but all  the  mobile’s  switched off. I am totally afraid about thinking of something going wrong with me .I  gone to the Doctor’s Clinic butapproach  Police but they also fail to trace him. I contacted to the Owner of rented house where I lived with Rahul he told us that the room was only rented to the Rahul just  10 days before  we arrived & he doesn’t know about his background. I tried my best to find Rahul but my all efforts are gone in vain. It was almost one year after all this things happened & I still stayed in Delhi and worked as a house maid ,One day I was sitting on a bench of near by park when a women who also work’s as a maid in nearby by house came & sat on my bench. She was very upset for some thing ,when I ask the reason for the same, she told very politely that her husband was suffering from a deadly disease called “Cancer” since last 1&1/2 half year & a Doctor asked Rs. 3Lac for his three year treatment in a part lot of Rs. 01lac  a year, To arrange this huge amount my husband close is friend advised me to work as a Surrogate mother & after agreeing, he arrange  a appointment with a Doctor who run’s a clinic for the same &  doctor agreed to give me a amount of One Lac for each time I delivered the baby. Last year I delivered a baby girl & doctor handed her to the donor. Now, for last two month I have  again got pregnant on same sperm pattern.  While she was busy  telling her story suddenly I realized that all this same things had happened with me also . Then I decided to meet her husband & find the truth behind it ,I asked her if she did not mind than I wantd to meet her  husband she quickly agreed and we went to her house .I stoped at  her door and she entered  the house ,from outside of her house what I saw  I never expected ,the man sleeping on the bed was a none other than but my own  husband  Rahul. I slowly moved back & came back to my house. On very next day I decided to meet the friend &doctor of maid’s husband and called her for the same ,she agreed and told me that her husband friends also their in doctor clinic. I went to clinic of the doctor with maid there I saw the same  which I already seen in the house of maid that was both the men were common i.e. one was my former husband’s friend and the other was doctor. I decided to tell the truth behind this story to the police I went to the city police station & told all the story about me &the  maid. This was shocking for all the person present there including a  inspector who recorded my statement, they did not waste any time & sent the two teams one  to catch Rahul & another for doctor. They caught both of them & send them to the lock-up & the statement they recorded in front of senior police officers & a media person was shocking and horrible. It’s a big syndicate racket involving 40 to 50 young men, they marrypoor women’s from the differentPoorer States such as Jharkhand, Orissa, Bihar, Chhattisgarh etc.and play the same drama with all of them & after women’s third  delivery  they run from their so called rented house to search  for another poor women. They get a very huge amount from the needy childless rich couples, nationally or internationally who are unable to deliver their own child & want to transfer their sperm into other women. The racket involves a Strong Politician as well as  very Senior beurocrates from a  Government Department .This shocking story reached to  all over the world within a day. All the TV channel wanted to interview with me & a film company also want to make a movie on my story after giving me  very huge amount. All these things happens so that they can  achieve their professional goals no one is interested to share my emotions with them.


My question to all the readers is please tells me what is  my fault in whole episode?

 Is my fault  to be  born  as a girl in a poor family?

what about my child whowas  born from my womb  but………………..………….. …?

After reading my story can any women now trust her husband when he tells her that he is suffering from a critical  disease  and required  huge  amount to get rid of disease  and for this  the surrogacy is the only way  to generate the money in a short time !  


From ASurrogate “Victimise” Mother

© Copyright 2019 Avinash Shukla. All rights reserved.

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