Blind To The Truth

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Running a con on us all!

Submitted: November 15, 2016

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Submitted: November 15, 2016



This is a collaboration between Hullabaloo22 and myself


Blind To The Truth


I was holding out hope, turns out to be for not,

that you'd disprove my assertion that there's no shot

of you not screwing up the country beyond recognition,

and not being a source of hate, not being the flashpoint ignition.



Any hope I had blew right up in my incredulous face.

One of the two people in your administration so far gives me a taste

of what we can expect more of, and sooner than soon.

I see a grinning grim reaper, laughing under a full moon.


The former head loony of Breitbart. Com is now set to advise

you on what you should do, and his judgment is always unwise.

He'll be whispering sour somethings in your oversized ear.

Steve Fricking Bannon, stoking division, mistrust, and fear.


If this is the voice of lunacy you're listening to, we're shit out of luck.

We don't stand a chance as you dismantle our society, we're totally f****d!

Everything we've learned since before we knew, wiped away, the new dark ages.

We've read this book, we know how it ends, the sad end in your pathetically-wrong pages!


You say those words, ‘You have nothing to fear’,

no one will be targeted, you made that clear,

but perhaps there is something that you’ve not yet heard --

that the actions you take mean so much more than your words.


There were promises made, and promises spoken,

people believed them, but many will be broken;

the voters should have thought, not just snapped up your bait,

all those things that you dangled before them to incite much hate.


A country should be run for the good of its people,

the ones who are constantly striving to keep it all

flowing, to keep society running as smooth as it can, it

is not a business enterprise from which you should profit.


You’re surrounding yourself with the very far right,

you are picking your people and are fast losing sight;

 it might be worth you getting out your history book,

but maybe it’s your supporters who have been so mistook


bravado talk for intelligence, fear and hate for caring,

and confused dangerous with insightful daring.


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