Don't Count Your Chickens

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Careful, Donny!

Submitted: November 27, 2016

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Submitted: November 27, 2016



This is a collaboration between Huulbaloo22 and myself:


I hear there’ll be a recount, a check-up on some scores,

some are viewing this with glee, others with some snores.


But is it bringing to you just a shadow of a doubt

that the race and all its accolades may not just work out;


that the house you’ve got your eye on, the position you hold dear

is possibly still far away when you were thinking it was near?


Are you getting angry or is your own conceit

keeping you from thinking that you’ll ever see defeat?


And if there is a problem found, the results to over-throw,

are you going to accept your fate and quietly just go?


Or will you persist in fighting and stir up a bit more hate?

Anything to bring you to that cherished White House gate.


I know the chance is very slim, you’d need to lose all three

but that possibility’s hanging there and that’s enough for me.


I realize it'll probably amount to nothing,

all this fussing by the left, but maybe it'll be something


that'll knock you from your high horse, and send you packing,

back to where you belong, along with the class so sorely lacking.


No, I can't see you going out gracefully, no, you'll burn it to the ground,

and yell and scream, and fill the air with a poor victim's sound.


You'll scratch and claw to hang onto all that power,

and send us all reeling, in this, our darkest hour.


'Country first?', you don't know the meaning of the words,

no, it's all about you, Donny, you and your destructive slurs!




© Copyright 2019 Mike S.. All rights reserved.

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