Flames of Freedom

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First one freedom, then what's next?

Submitted: December 04, 2016

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Submitted: December 04, 2016



You may hate it, I certainly do,

but, if some dip-shit wants to screw


with our flag, the symbol of our proud nation,

by torching it, now, don't get me wrong, irritation,


and anger, sometimes blind, is my initial response,

but the way others react, and with with knee-jerk nonchalance


spout that the offenders who partake of their right,

ought to lose their citizenship, are long on retribution, and short on sight.


In case they haven't noticed, we've a thing called 'freedom of speech'

It's one of the things that makes America stand apart, and an over reach


of executive power if changed--in fact, it sounds like something Putin would try,

And, as much as personally, I don't like it, it is exactly why


making it a revoking of citizenship crime is so wrong,

What right should they take away next? It'll be all of them, before long.





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