This is insane

Hell is for the innocent of an undeclared war

Another off the rails man turns shopping into a tomb

I’ve stopped asking this time will the madness end?

It will never end, John Wayne has hijacked reason

And weekend warriors scream of their rights

What about the innocent’s right to stay alive?

A parent sends his child off to school, no longer

Sure if the hug at the door will be the last

A wife now has to wait and worry

Because her husband ran to the mall?

Seems that society is hostage to minority rule

Who need an AK-47 to protect their world,

Who value a killing machine over flesh and blood

Hopes and dreams blown away with the pull of

The trigger, the next day comes, outrage fades,

And NOTHING will change


I know the gun used in Colorado wasn't an AK-47, but I used that as a stand-in for all guns--this is madness



















Submitted: March 23, 2021

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Penny Scribe

I whole heartedly agree with you Mike; change is desperately needed.

Tue, March 23rd, 2021 6:07pm


Sadly, I don't think it'll come, Penny, thank you

Tue, March 23rd, 2021 11:45am


Terrible wasn't it. Well said, Mike.

Tue, March 23rd, 2021 7:14pm


Yes it was, but it won't change anything--when Sandy Hook happened, with children getting murdered, and congress still wouldn't do anything, I lost hope of anything ever changing, thanks, Hull

Tue, March 23rd, 2021 12:21pm

D. Thurmond / JEF

The blind leading the blind. --- At one time, when I was a kid, the National Rifle Association was a respected organization. Now it is a den of money hungry blind eyed fools that lead others with words of selfish foolishness. And you are right, nothing will change as long as so many people think of gun as their toys.

Wed, March 24th, 2021 12:10am


Sadly, yes it is JEF; thank you much

Wed, March 24th, 2021 10:37am

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