Media Monster

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This is a collaborative between Hullabaloo22 and Mike Stevens

Submitted: October 03, 2016

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Submitted: October 03, 2016



Now appearing, and appearing, and appearing on your T.V. screen,

is an otherworldly political monster, unlike any we’ve ever seen.


He knows how to play the media like a harpsichord of the damned,

an expert at hiding his true aim, those who believe aren’t aware of his scam.


See the networks dance when he pulls on their strings,

aware of the free air time, and the constant publicity it brings.


He feigns one way, while his goal is completely in the other direction.

I, for one, need a way out of this overkill, some kind of protection.


The willing media follows wearing knee pads and close on his heels.

Aware they’re degrading themselves, and us, yes, it’s the ultimate mega-deal.


They’ve created this self-centered monster, and now it has escaped,

an egotistical nightmare running over a political landscape that’s being reshaped!


Maybe it’s a form of mind control, the way they keep on repeating

the same old words time and time again, into our heads they’re beating.


But maybe there’s a way to defeat this media-fed hysteria,

or are we on a crash course to a world that’s so inferior.


The media portray him like he is some god – but he is a man

who proved that he knew business, making money, but can


the same principles be used in heading up and leading a country?

You’re talking people's lives here, not a stocks-and-shares commodity.


We’re all being blinkered, blinded, fed what’s really an illusion,

and it seems that we are being sucked along to its conclusion.


If we can’t break through the smokescreen, and can’t see through the haze

we’ll follow in the monster's steps to become lost in his maze!

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