Mrs. Halligan;Smiling Toy Shop # 17

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Another Smiling Toy Shop Tale!

Submitted: August 07, 2013

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Submitted: August 07, 2013



By Mike Stevens

Doris Halligan stormed back into the living room, where some soap opera was showing on the television.  Ordinarily, Doris loved watching soaps, but today, not so much.  Hearing about make-believe people's troubles paled in comparison with the shit she was going through.  Her son, Davy, was being a handful today, lying through his teeth.  He had said hateful things though the door, and when confronted about it, trying to blame his new teddy bear for saying them.  Just how stupid did he think she was? Apparently, pretty damn stupid.  She'd been so upset with him, she had spanked him, something she'd never imagined herself doing; but she'd just been so upset.  Up until today, he'd always been a truthful child, but all of a sudden he'd turned deceitful and disrespectful, and she wasn't sure what to do about it.


After Davy's mom stormed out of the room after wailing on Davy, Denbo smirked to himself; this was too much fun; and he was looking for the next opportunity to screw with Davy's head.


After awhile, Davy's mom called though the door, "Davy, lunch is ready.  You may come out to eat, but you're still in trouble.  Eat your lunch, and then get back in your room and think about what you've done."

Davy flashed an angry look at Denbo, and replied, "Yes Mom."  He knew better than to argue anymore.  No, he'd stay quiet, and plot his revenge on the bastard-bear.

When his mother finished speaking and walked away from the door, Davy turned on Denbo and hissed, "You stay here.  I don't want to get in trouble for supposedly saying something derogatory to Mom." He slammed the door shut behind him.  Denbo waited a couple of minutes to make sure the dip-shit little bastard didn't come back, and it was a wise move, because no sooner had he decided to go out through the door, than it slammed open, and an angry-looking Davy, at least as angry-looking as a limp-wristed idiot boy could look, thought Denbo, glared through the doorway.

"Just checking to see just how stupid you might be; I see you've wisely decided not to move, cause if you had, say goodbye to your stuffing, freak!"

"Oh, I'm so scared, not!" replied Denbo, although it was to a slamming door, as Davy was already headed back to the other room. 

If this slope-headed moron think I can't reach the doorknob, he's exactly how moronic I already think he is!  he thought, and climbed up onto the nightstand next to Davy's bed by using the knobs, until he was standing on top, within easy reach of the doorknob.  Get a load of me now, idiot-king!  He had some trouble opening it, but eventually it swung outwards.  He jumped down onto the carpet and just walked away from his pretend-prison, after first re-shutting the door.


Davy was watching cartoons in front of the television, with his T.V. tray set up in front of him, when his mom came through the door from the kitchen, carrying a sliced sandwich and a glass of milk.  She set the plate and milk on the tray, and grabbed the T.V. remote and switched off the television. 

"Oh no, you're being punished.  No T.V. for you, young man."

"Oh Mom!" replied Davy. 

"Oh nothing; as soon as you're done, it's back to your room, mister, until you learn not to backtalk me, and quit lying."

Davy said nothing, and sat there morosely.  Denbo, hiding behind the couch, watched Mrs. Halligan walking away, decided now would be a good time to stir the pot a little.  In as high of a voice as he could manage, he shouted,

"What is this, a shit sandwich?"

Davy's mother, who was just reaching for the doorknob, whirled around and replied quietly, "Excuse me?"

Davy answered truthfully, "I didn't say it, my teddy bear must have."

"Oh shit, not more of that lying crap!" and she stomped over to where Davy sat on the couch, and hissed, 'Get up!"

"No Mom, I'm telling you the truth; I didn't say a word."

"Stand up and face away from me."

Davy knew it was hopeless.  He sullenly rose to his feet and turned away from his mother.  Immediately, he felt the sting of spanking on his rump, but this time, he didn't cry out.  As he felt the pain of the blows, he vowed to get that new pain-in-the-ass (literally!) teddy bear.


After his mother got rid of her rage on Davy's unfortunate butt and left the room, he looked around for Denbo.  He said in a quiet voice, "Get out here; I know you're here somewhere; show yourself, you chicken-shit!"

Denbo immediately felt rage, "Who are you calling a chicken-shit, there, moron-boy?" and he stepped out from behind the couch.  Upon seeing Denbo's location, Davy yelled, and came at him.  Denbo took off running, taunting,

"Oh, is moron-boy a bit angry?" which only made Davy angrier.  Denbo leaped up onto the small table holding a lamp, which Davy sent floor-ward with a triumphant yell,

"Ah, ha!" 

Denbo replied, as he continued across the table, and back onto the floor, "Ah, ha, my ass," as the glass lamp shade exploded as it struck the hardwood floor.

He scampered back behind the couch just as Doris Halligan stormed back into the room.  She saw the lamp shattered and lying in heap of glass fragments on the floor.

"Alright, consider yourself grounded for the next six months, and until you apologize to me for being a smart-ass.  Now, get back in your room, and if you're lucky, I'll slide some bread and water under your door."

From behind the couch, Denbo chuckled to himself, as he watched a morose, red-in-the-face Davy stomp past.  As Davy glanced toward where he knew he was hiding, Denbo balled up his fists and rubbed his eyes, pantomiming crying.  Davy gave a cry of frustration, and started over.  Before he had taken 2 steps, his mother swatted him again, and said in an angry tone of voice,

"That's enough; go!" and pointed to the door.  Davy grumbled,

"But Mom,..."

"Go, mister, I've about had it up to here!"

Davy shot a hate-filled glance at Denbo's hiding spot, and slammed out the door.  Denbo thought, this is so much fun!


The End


© Copyright 2018 Mike Stevens. All rights reserved.

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