My Knight In Shining Armor

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I guess this is sorta dedicated to someone... but I'm not actually sure... I am too tired to even know why I wrote this... I suppose it was cause I was bored... be painfully truthful when commenting on it! I like POSITIVE criticism!

Submitted: February 06, 2010

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Submitted: February 06, 2010



I was so blinded by ‘Love’ I didn’t even see you there

Though you stood with me through the hard times

I never thought you’d be the one

To come and rescue me

From the Dragons lair


‘Then one day, I opened my eyes and

Realized, you were always there

By my side

You helped me through my problems

And made me laugh,

Now know I know you are

My knight in shining armor’

I talked about how I ‘loved’ some guy,

You just stood there and listened,

I never thought it would,

Bring you pain,

Until the day

You swore to me

Your heart and soul for my well health,


‘Then one day, I opened my eyes and

Realized you were the one,

Always by my side,

You helped me with all my problems

And made me smile

Now I know you are

My knight in Shining Armor’

(Repeats once)

So this is to you

The one I owe my life

For all those laughs and good times

We had together

So hurry up my dear,

We must be off

There are a few things to discuss

We have the world at our hands

For our discovering,

And as long as we’re together

Nothing can touch us

For you are my

Knight In shining armor.

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