Night Of Fright!

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My nights of panic!

Submitted: July 15, 2017

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Submitted: July 15, 2017




Curtain goes up, and the feces goes down,

people gawking at me as I attempt to make sound.


'What the hell am I doing up here?"

In desperation I cling to my beer


like a life preserver; it's my sad hoppy friend,

my only friend, as the spotlight sends


panic straight into my skull; 'I'm supposed to sing now?'

I'm the center of attention up here on the stage; how


did I convince myself it wouldn't be as bad as it seemed?

It's worse than bad, it's like my worse nightmarish dream.


Feel like I'm naked as I start to sing, nothing but a croak

come out of this hole in my face; my voice is broke!


"Little help here!" I want to shout in panic,

but nobody else in the band is acting manic,


I've often heard it said, 'no man is an island,"

but whoever said that was obviously never a singer in a band,


'cause I was a castaway with no land in sight.

I'm was a victim of terrible, paralyzing stage fright!


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