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How low can we go?

Submitted: September 06, 2016

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Submitted: September 06, 2016



I just was reading some of the comments people left about the story of President Obama canceling his visit to the Philippines, to meet with their President, after he called our President the 'son of a whore'. These weren't Philippine citizens making comments, which you might expect, what with national pride, no, these were American citizens. I expected to hear from them, outrage of President Obama's treatment, but what I saw was right-wingers using this as an excuse to let President Obama have it, saying such is his popularity in some places, that they don't blame the president of the Philippines, and that, much like Trump, he's only telling it like it is.


Exactly why we can't elect someone who gets angry, and lashes out. The Philippine president was angry because of some comments President Obama made about the Philippine efforts on the war on drugs, executing prisoners and the like. Instead of using a more diplomatic rebuttal, the Philippine president went into 5th grade tirade mode, just like Trump would have, and attacked the president verbally. I was surprised and dismayed, though with today's toxic political climate, I don't know that I should have been. Is this really how low our politics has fallen?


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