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Trying to defend the indefensible!

Submitted: January 20, 2017

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Submitted: January 20, 2017



Another lame excuse, another attempt to explain why

he said what he said, did what he did, I


am tired of hearing what he meant, why he

said or acted that way, I don't know, might it be


he's just a crude example of a man, who really can't help it,

the spewage of the thoughts of a full-of-shit


con man? I'm tired of hearing from those who spring to his defense,

sick that the crap he says that makes no sense,


except to prove that cavemen still walk among us,

and defend the indefensible, and try to justify the unjust?


He's gone against the grain, and he should have imploded by now,

said and done all the wrong things, his ship should have gone down by the bow,


but here we are, watching as an inflatable clown bobs and weaves

his way into the white house, a man built on lies and deceit.


So don't tell be I'm simply a bleeding heart sore loser,

that isn't it at all, it's that we're about to be lead by a serial abuser.


Abuses people, the truth, cares nothing for anything, or anyone,

except himself, at the cost of our Democracy that's about to come undone.


A sense of approaching doom in my heart as the day of disaster looms,
and his bullying bluster should, but doesn't, speak volumes.


I hope for all our sake's, the day won't come, when you'll have to wear

a disguise, so people forget, you once supported an ego-driven nightmare.




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