Says Who?

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Submitted: January 15, 2017

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Submitted: January 15, 2017



In Miss Recoil's 5th grade class:


"...and that's why we call 'gravity' proven science. Now, moving on,---"


"Hold on, how do we know gravity's a proven fact?"


"Because, Donald, because it just is."


"How do we know science is a real thing?"


"Are you joking? Everyone knows it's a real thing."


"According to you; believe me, there's a lot of talk about it being a liberal hoax, perpetrated by those who want to demean the Republicans. They seem to think they're better than us."




"I don't need to describe individual instances, but many, many people, okay?"




"I just told you, many, many people, believe me."


"No, you just told us that 'many, many people' are talking, who?"


"You know, Miss Recoil, you're a totally overrated teacher, sad, very sad."


"That's a great strategy, Donald, if you don't like the question, attack the questioner!"


"I'm just wondering why you're considered a good teacher?"


"You know, Donald, when I found out you were the world's oldest 5th grader, what are you, 70, I was wondering if anyone could be that stupid, well, question answered! Now, before Donald spews more absolute crap, and I lose my shit, how about if we take a refreshment break, kids. Mrs. Flagpoler has made some yummy Rice Crispy treats, and I'll be passing them around the class."


"Can I have some? There's no way they can be as great as mine--I make the greatest Rice Krispy treats in the world, many, many people are saying so, ask anybody!'



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