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Submitted: December 06, 2016

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Submitted: December 06, 2016




With the Arctic Blizzard forecast to hit the area (a trace to a couple inches) I'm crawling from my fur-lined survival tent (had a hell of a time driving the steel spikes that hold it in place into my wood bedroom flooring!) to risk frostbite and being buried in a roof avalanche to write this post. Yes, I'm that brave when it comes to risking my limbs to bring you incredible wisdom (or, my thoughts!) While I am the first person to make fun of our overboard, unwarranted (usually) weather coverage, several years ago, someone said something that pissed me off so much, I'm writing about it several years later. On The Mike and Mike Show, we'd just had a one or two inch snowfall, which covered the icy streets we'd already had for several days, and it paralyzed our area. Mike Greenberg went off, making fun of us because the "city shuts down from a couple inches of snow." The thing that Mr, Greenberg forgot, or didn't give a shit about in the first place, is that everywhere you go around here, it's either up a hill, or down a hill, and STEEP hills.


Now, I'll admit, 1 to 2 inches of snow sounds puss-like, but it wasn't the snow, it was the ice beneath it that basically turned streets into an airport runway launching pad. I doubt New York has too many hills, at least not like these. So, Mr. Greenberg, pull your mind away from extolling the supposed superiority of the fricking Yankees, get back to the normal east coast sports bias, not a weather bias, and learn something about somewhere outside the 250-mile radius of New York City. Contrary to the crap you spew every day, there ARE other areas, with our own unique weather issues!

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