What If?

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THE question

Submitted: February 17, 2017

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Submitted: February 17, 2017



This is a collaboration between Hullabaloo22 and myself:



Intolerance, it seems is to be the name of the new day,

where people are encouraged to put bias in to play;


who’ll be the chosen victims, we’ll have to wait and see

but we’d better keep on hoping that it don’t pick on you and me.


Someone’s gonna be accountable for this global mess,

it won’t be the media, and politicians even less;


they’ll find a way of spinning it to make it so it’s real

that the selected targets, well, we’ll bring them all to heel.


We’re marching ever backwards to the tune of the far right

where bigotry and hatred become the focal point of sight;


where people will be segregated, set upon each other

and individual rights -- well, them we’re gonna smother.


If you don’t have the right papers, the desired place of birth

some influential groups say you don’t belong upon this earth.


Hear the echo's of bullying goose-stepping,

see ghosts from the past, the paranoia attesting


to what's happening again, when our leader plays the fear

card, see all us puppets dance; we're told the end is near,


unless we do something, it's those people's fault,

all your problems, and they'll continue, unless we halt


the flood of foreigners into this Christian land,

no charity, no forgiveness, the mighty sword in our hand.


Intolerance is but the first step down a path ending upon a cliff.

Might it have turned out differently if the election went the other way; what if?






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