Will You Sing Me To Sleep?

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This is a song I wrote about a boy and girl falling for each other. They end up getting married, and lasting a lifetime together.

Submitted: August 06, 2010

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Submitted: August 06, 2010



So the night closes, so the night ends

Right beside me lies, emptiness

But in my mind dances dreams and fairytales

Of you, and me, last night

I was sitting quiet, waiting all alone

Waiting for your call at home

Pebbles hit my window

I looked outside, you were below

Smiling up so brightly you said

“Darling will you spend tonight with me?”

We had a picnic with candle lights, bright as your eyes

And I learned that you dream of me

You took my hand and we danced, I stepped on your feet

But you played it cool perfectly

And then in your arms, under stars

You sang me to sleep

It was years ago on Monday, when I first saw your face

school had began again

Then I noticed you walked by

I was blinded by those blue eyes

I wondered could this be it

Oh could we have a picnic with candle lights, bright as your eyes?

Could I learn that you dream of me?

Oh would you take my hand, ask to dance

Would I squash your feet?

Would you play it cool perfectly?

And then I n your arms, under stars

Would you sing me to sleep?

Now we’re older and wiser

But your eyes grew wider, than I have ever seen

As I walk down the aisle, I watch your eyes smile

So I know that we will be


On picnics with candle lights

Burning bright as your eyes, dancing the night away

You know that I will step on your feet

But darling I’m yours to keep

You’ll love me anyway

When your ninety-three sweetheart yours will I be

Like when under stars in your arms

You sang me to sleep

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