The Blood of Hope

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

How is it like to be Satan's son? How is it like to be the only white angel in hell? Well, this story tells you. It covers the story of Satan's son as a boy. He is born a sacred angel and is the polar opposite of his father. Complications happen. Do not read if you don't like romance or gore. If you guys like this it will become a novel.



I am hellspawn with a half sister who hates me and a father named Satan. My name is Mason. I am a white angel who cares for all living creatures because I share their pain. When they get hurt I must help them that's what my mother would do. I use my spiritual energy to bring dead animals to life. Even hell's creatures need a break every once in a while. The rats of hell are three-eyed crows who peer at your very being. I saw a poor crow burning in the blistering lava. I took a deep breath and focused my spiritual energy at the soles of my feet. Now the ground beneath me began to freeze. I made an ice bridge on lava that expanded the length of a football field, this was at age five. I can not part lava like Moses, but this was before then.

We call spiritual energy magic, here in hell. The more we use our life force the weaker we get. I picked up the crow crying and my hand shaking. I crossed the melting bridge back with a torched bird in one hand. I poured my energy in the dead bird. My tears turned to blood as the three eyed crow jumped and thrashed back into existence. It landed on my shoulder as if it wanted to repay me. I ran to my dad hoping for his approval. I stumbled through the fiery moat as the gate behind me closed. I arrived at my dad's throne and I said,

"Look, look I've brought this bird back to life."

"The poor thing almost died, can I keep it?"

He looked at me, and with one wave of this pitchfork controlled the bird into poking out my left eye.

"You are no son of mine, take back the bird or he will poke out your other eye, he roared."

Blood ran down my face, but this time it wasn't tears, just blood and disappointment. I made my way outside to let the bird fly toward freedom. Sometimes I wish I could spread my wings and fly, but once God cast you down or if you're born here you're trapped. You can't fly out because your wings burn off instantly if you're an Angel. I always wondered how I could get out of here, and if my mom was on the other side.



I wake up to the sounds of torture and agony. Sadly, this has been my lullaby ever since I was a baby. I could hear Satan, my dad called my name. He called me over again and I ran. My tiny little feet hit the ground as if I was an Antelope being hunted. After a maze of hallways, I finally reach the basement, a huge endless sinkhole where my dad tortured the poor souls of the first sinners. He made me whip them until I was covered in their blood or until I was covered I my own blood for disobeying.

My sister Jessica took over, she had no heart. She enjoyed torturing the poor souls more than my dad. She was jealous of me because no matter what she did, she could not rule the Under World as I was a Prince and First son. Trust me, I just wanted out. I dreamed of being free, but for my sis this was even more salt in her wounds. All I could think about was school.

The first schools in the Under World open up. Creatures throughout our dimension came to eat from the "apple of knowledge." There are many creatures in the spirit world and more than one dimension. Dimensions are frequencies where we live in, if one wants to create a world that reflects him/her they can. There are three main dimensions, the lowest frequency is hell (for sinners, worst than just murder), then there is Limbo (A place where you can do whatever you want with little laws you can party, rape, and fight) which, is between heaven and hell. Finally, is heaven where only the holiest people tread.


I remember my first day of class. Most of us were banished to hell, some were just lost souls, but time passes by differently here. One year feels like an eternity. Everyone was afraid of me because Satan was my dad. I hated school, I was so alone and made fun of by the demons. Funny they dare not say in my presence. Kind. Kind. Fucking Kind is a curse in hell, why am I here. After a year of my teachers kept passing me without a doubt in their mind. No matter what happened I would get an "A" show or no show. They all feared me, but then three months later there was a new girl. Her hair was smooth, black, and long. She had a creepy demented smile with vampire like fangs. She had big almond eyes that were naturally black but change color with emotion. Her element was the fire to my ice but her skin was still snow white.



The little girl looked at me with a sparkle in her eyes. I thought she would be scared, but what she said next shocked me.

"My name is Clarissa, I like you."

"Can I kill you and take your blood?"

How could someone look so innocent and demonic at the same time. Who the hell was she and why did I get cold chills from her. She looks at the kid who sits next to me. He was some kind of serpent creature, I never tried asking what kind. He looks at her and let me tell you, I never seen a scaly creature run so fast. Clarissa sits right next to me claiming her new seat. I have never seen someone wear so much black, she was truly grim. We now look at the board for instructions. We already learned about basic spells, but today we were testing our magic strength and element. Our miserable teacher Mr. Moore gives us a magic pot and a needle. We were supposed to go outside with the pots in groups of two. The pot contained a special potion made from herbs and heart of golems.

Our blood is supposed to evaporate off the potion and release our elements we were born with. Depending on how big the element bursted out was a tell of our strength. I looked around and I could see Mr. Moore say begin. The kids started putting drops of their blood in the black pots about 16 inches in diameter. The next sight was beautiful. I could see elements come out of the pots there were stone flowers, small people dancing around lightning, small smoke petals in spinning wind vortexes. The norm was about a foot-tall give or take. Finally, it was Clarissa's turn, so I took a step back. Her blood hits the liquid magic and a majestic dragon roared out, engulfing 20 feet of space. It exploded in a fit of glory.

We were all shocked as dried trees caught on fire and the lava surrounding us didn't make things any better. Hell is a hot place where there are big cracks in the earth where lava comes out, not all places are engulfed in flames.  I quickly poked my finger with a clean needle. Vapor busted out in the image of a spiraling galaxy, which grew about Half a mile in diameter. We have never seen rain, but then raindrops started falling, soon enough they turned into Beautiful snowflakes, soon my school was covered in snow and the fire was out. Water elements are rare in hell. Clarissa was about 20 times stronger them the average kid and I was 25 times stronger than her. Who was she? Mr. Moore dismissed class and expected no less from Satan's son.

I went up to Clarissa and introduced myself, I said, "I want to be your friend. Let's hang out after school." She smiles and grabs my hand pulling me to the ocean of lava. She crafted a realistic looking heart and wanted to give it to me. I tried freezing it so it could harden. She said I could keep it veins and all. I crafted an ice rose that doesn't melt and gave it to her. She hugged me so tightly. I looked at her and hugged her back. It felt long and unforgettable. I looked at her and said I really like you, you look so pretty. She looked at me and said, "You should be my pretend husband." I grabbed her hand and said, "Maybe one day I could be your real one." We started hanging out more and became inseparable.  Two years pass and we talked about the future. I wanted to learn all five elements (Fire, Water, Wind, Lightening, Earth) and find a way out of here. All she wanted was to come with me no matter where I went.



I'm 7 and my birthday is coming up on Friday the 13th. I was not excited, right now all I wanted was to spend time with Clarissa at the playground. I picked her favorite flower, a black rose that grows by my dad's cemetery. (Spirits can't die, but they can be put in a dead like coma until their bodies regenerate or heal. Unfortunately, this time it was punishment. It probably has to do with people having phobias of being buried alive.) After picking the black roses I made my way to the playground. After making a 10-minute journey, something catches my eye.

There is an old man by a hut. The old man tries stopping me. He has long white hair, big red eyes, and rotting teeth. The creepy man says,

"Why child come in."

"Don't you wonder what your future is going to be like?"

"Won't you come and see?"

I had strong magic and I felt no dark aura pulsating from him. Before I can make up my mind he grabbed my hand and pulls me into his old patched up hut.  He sits me down next to his crystal ball and tells me,

"You're going to suffer greatly."

"Your future is untold and dark."

"What you do now will haunt you and affect the rest of your life."

"Child get out of here, I warned you stay any longer and you will be trapped forever."


He laughs dementedly as if he was losing what was left of his sanity. I ran as fast as my feet could carry me, almost dropping the roses as I made it through the opening. I crossed the river of lava making my way to the playground across the street. It was located right behind my school. I took a deep breath and calm myself down. I saw my dark colored girl waiting for me by the trees. I walked over to her and forgot what happened earlier. Once I was close I gave her the roses. She looked at me and gave me the brightest smile I've ever seen. When she is with other people she has an expressionless smile, but now it was different.

We hugged under a tree looking at the vapor above us. The cave-like ceiling merged with vapor, creating animals and creatures that entered our imagination. Time passed by quickly, one hour became two hours and I lost track of time. It felt like we needed to get back before our parents found out what we were up to.  We got up.  I saw my older sister and a huge figure following her. I told Clarissa to run, but all she did was look at me dazed and confused. By the time she reacted the big shadowy figure got closer and it was too late. It got a hold of Clarissa. What emerged from that figure was Satan. 

At this moment, my life was forever scarred. He grabbed her gentle throat and picked her up above his head. I desperately tried to claw him, but my older sister pinned me down.  She smiled and stared at me viciously. I watched in horror, begging him to stop.  We all looked up, she looked like an angel falling from heaven, as Satan threw her to the ground. Her head bashed against the rocks covering them with a velvety blanket of blood. It splashed on my face turning my tears to blood yet again.

She yelled horrified, trying to stay conscious.  My brown eyes turned blue, soon hell was freezing over. My sister grabbed my throat and thrust her hand in my chest. She grabbed my beating heart and placed a seal, which contained my wild energy.  This angered Satan more.  Clarissa's head healed rapidly, which stops her bleeding.  Satan grabs her arm, tearing it from her socket.  Her screams grow louder and louder as a new arm grows out of her socket.  She has the power to heal rapidly, which makes Satan smile.  He keeps ripping away her arms one by one until finally she runs out of magic. The last of her limbs to go are her legs.  He picks up the rest of her torso by grabbing her hair. She was still conscious due to her unmatched healing powers bearing the pain of thousands of deaths.  I kept yelling at him to stop.  I asked him why he was doing this? Why? Why!  He puts his claws in her neck slicing slowly and tells me,

"You're too weak, too soft why do you care what happens to other people?"

"I have a disgraceful son who needs to know his place."

"You don't know what strength is!"

"You are my item. I own you and you will always be my item."

"You are no longer my son until you act like it."

"Don't even look at me, you worthless pile of shit."

He slices her head and drains what is left of her blood. He puts the head on a pile of body parts. Her eyes twitch and roll back, she finally blacked out.  With a snap of his fingers, he lights her on fire.  Her skin peels and turn black.  It curled up into a ball that resembled a black rose.  Her body was covered in black roses, even in death she was beautiful. My last words to her were, "Clarissa, Clarissa. I'm so sorry my black rose." The seal placed on me took the rest of my energy and I blacked out. The last word "rose" grew silent until the S sound matched the hissing sound of the wind.


Submitted: August 21, 2015

© Copyright 2022 Mike Sosa. All rights reserved.

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