Christmas With the R***'s!; poem

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Frustration boils over at Harry's house!

Submitted: December 27, 2012

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Submitted: December 27, 2012



Christmas with the R***’s!

“Welcome home, Daddy; merry Christmas!”

“What’s merry about it? Those Republican b******s!”

“Honey, not in front of Harry Junior!”

“Well s**t, honey, those miserable jerks; and that B*****r,

He’s so orange, you could use

Him as a warning sign on construction sites!

I swear, the only word he knows is ‘no!’

“Honey, I know you’re frustrated,

But it’s Christmas! Why don’t you sit down here

In front of the fire, and try to forget those jerk-offs, at least for today?”

“Honey! Now who’s swearing in front of Harry Jr.?”

“I’m sorry dear, I just watch you trying to deal with them,

And get pissed off myself. It must be aggravating, to say the least!”

“Yes it is, but I’ve got to do my best to forget them.

Let’s have that Christmas ham that smells so wonderful!”

“Dad, I refuse to even taste it; as you probably

Heard though the press, I wanted turkey!”

“What the hell are you talking about, Junior?”

“I knew you’d insist on ham, so I launched a media campaign

To try to sway public opinion my way!”

“What is this bulls**t? I’m the leader in this house,and what I say, goes!”

“Honey, mouth?”

“Sorry, honey, but get this unreasonable s**t all day in the senate,

And I come home and my 7 year old pulls the same crap!

“Here, honey, here’s some non-alcoholic punch.”

“Non-alcoholic? I need something stronger; I’m

Going to the Leadership Palace Tavern!”

“Oh Harry, it’s Christmas! I’ll make you something.”

“Okay, honey, but I’ll just skip the punch part,

And drink the bottle we got from the B*****’s.”

“Honey, don’t do what you did last Christmas,

And drink so much you pass out!”

“Well, you try dealing with the b******s; you’d drink too much too!”

“Oh, I understand completely; Merry Christmas, honey!”

“Yeah, Merry Christmas to you too;

Now where did you put that bottle;

I still can’t believe that B*****r gave me anything!”

“Well, take what you can get, I suppose!”

“Well, I’m holding out for turkey!”

“Junior, give your Dad a break!”

“Where’s that bottle; I need it, now!”

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