Conductor Jimmy!--A Jimmy Tilford Tale

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Submitted: August 26, 2012

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Submitted: August 26, 2012



Conductor Jimmy!

By Mike Stevens

“Woo, woo!” sounded the train whistle. Jimmy was on the train, headed for his grandparents house, and he was completely bored. The excitement of travelling by train had lasted about 10 minutes, and now he was reduced to staring out the window that was next to his seat. He watched the landscape passing by, and suddenly found himself transported to a place deep within his own mind, where he became ‘Conductor Jimmy:

Conductor Jimmy was way ahead of schedule, with his railroad engine hauling dynamite. At this rate, he’d be home in time for hot dogs! His mom was making hot dogs for lunch, and the sooner he could deliver this load, the sooner he could get home.

The trip had been uneventful; he was almost to the train station, where Sims Construction Company was to pick up the dynamite. Then, it was home for lunch! He was thinking about all the yummy hot dogs he was going to eat, when he notice smoke trailing behind his train. Smoke meant fire, and fire meant trouble, what with the dynamite he was hauling! His assistant looked out the window at the mirror showing the train, and screamed,

“Fire! Stop the train; we’ve got to get away before she blows!”

Jimmy glanced ahead, and saw an elementary school right next to the tracks. He knew that if the train blew up here, the school would also.

“Save yourself,” he shouted, and with those words, the assistant yelled,

“You don’t need to tell me twice!” and jumped from the moving train, leaving Conductor Jimmy alone on the blazing train. Jimmy was scared, sure, but he HAD to move the train away from the elementary school. In desperation, his eyes scanned the tracks ahead, and he spotted a siding.

The fact that the siding just happened to be there, and what it was there for, didn’t concern Jimmy; after all, it was HIS daydream!

He waited until the train was almost to the siding, and pressed the electronic switching deal located conveniently near his hand, and the train veered sharply to the left, and away from the school.

Now, how was he going to get off the train? Then, he had an idea:

Suddenly, the train was going across a trestle, which spanned an immense lake. Jimmy slammed on the brakes, and the train started to slow, but not nearly fast enough. Jimmy knew he had to get out, fast. He climbed out the door of the engine, and as he did, he saw the whole train behind him was a wall of flame. He didn’t think, he just jumped, falling and falling, until the water rose up to meet him. As he plunged into the water, there came a massive blast, then the water enveloped him.

“Conductor Jimmy, you saved our school, and we’re very grateful. If it wasn’t for your heroic bravery, we wouldn’t be here. Please accept this pizza as a token of our appreciation.”

Jimmy smiled, and took the double-pepperoni pizza.

He knew it was a weird gift, but he was hungry!

“Jimmy, wake up, we're almost there!” his mom gently nudged him.

He didn't bother saying he hadn't been asleep, he just had his eyes closed, but where had the time gone?

The End

© Copyright 2018 Mike Stevens. All rights reserved.

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