Dear Winifred; Feb. 3

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Advice (NOT good!) column

Submitted: February 03, 2014

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Submitted: February 03, 2014




Warning; advice given is NOT politically correct!

"Dear Winifred, I wrote you yesterday and told you I'm the world's biggest Seahawk's fan; well, the big game is over and look who won, the..."

"Dear reader, I wrote the starred responses BEFORE the damn game has even been played; hurry the hell up!  Winifred." 

*"Dear I Bleed Blue and Green, bully for you, the Seahawks won; I'm so excited, I may crap right here in their honor.  Wow, your life must be  totally different now.  What?  It's not; how could that be?  Oh, I know, it's because it's just a game that has zero impact on people's daily lives.  Grow up!  Winifred."


*"Dear I Bleed Blue and Green, oh how sorry I am for you; the Bronco's won.  I'm enclosing a quarter so you can walk to the nearest pay phone, insert the quarter provided, and dial 1-800-I'm a Dip-Shit With No Life, and they can talk you off the ledge.  It's just a game!  You remember those don't you?  I mean other than playing pocket pool?  I realize you're a woman, or a nut-less man maybe, but my point is still valid; it's just a game!  Winifred." 

*Written BEFORE the 'big' game had been played





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