Dear Winifred; Nov. 22

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Advice (NOT good!) column

Submitted: November 22, 2013

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Submitted: November 22, 2013




Warning; advice given is NOT politically correct!

"Dear Winifred; I'm an author with a big problem; my latest story strains credibility to the breaking point, and keeps on going, and I'm worried that people reading my work will laugh, shake their heads, and say something like, "The guy has gone around the Ludicrous Corner." , or, "This is bullshit!"  See, I write what strikes me as humorous, sometimes reality-be-damned.  Is it just me who thinks this way, or do you agree?  Signed Mike Head in the Clouds."

"Dear Mike Head in the Clouds, sounds like the clouds isn't the only place you've got your head.  Wake up; nobody gives a rats ass what  you do or don't find humorous; good god, man, people want to read about things that actually sound plausible, not some freak plot twist that has about as much chance as, well, you do of making a living off your writing. You know what?  The more I think about it, who cares?  It's not like massive amounts of people are EVER going to see your writing, so knock yourself out; the more ludicrous the plot, the better.  The only person you'll be writing for is yourself, most likely.  Winifred."

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