Dunk-Master Jimmy!--A Jimmy Tilford Tale

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Another Jimmy Tilford Tale!

Dunk-Master Jimmy!

By Mike Stevens

A Jimmy Tilford Tale

Jimmy Tilford was bored once-again. His 10-yr. old brain was trying to think of something fun to do, but couldn’t, at least so far. His mother had suggested reading, as in a book. Reading? A book? He loved his mom, but come on! He was trying to think of something FUN, not to feel like he was back in school! His mom tried, but, ‘swing and a miss!’ His eyes swept his room, for about the 10-millionth time, and again saw absolutely nothing! There was his racetrack, NO! There was his board games, ALONE? NO! There was his toy box, NO--wait a minute, his basketball was mixed in amongst his toys. Maybe he’d grab his basketball and head out to the outdoor court at the elementary school down the block. It was his fall-back position for extreme boredom. He actually was bored with that, too, but hey, it beat sitting around the house. He grabbed his basketball and bounded down into the living room.

“Mom, I think I’ll go down to the school and shoot some baskets.”

“Oh, Jimmy, honey, it’s pouring down rain,” she replied.

It was? Darn! “Well, that too bad, but I’ve decided that that’s what I want to do, so I’m going to go anyway.”

“No, I don’t think you’d better; Maybe you’d better find something to do inside.”

Shoot! “Oh Mom!”

“I’m sorry Jimmy, but you’d better stay inside.”

“Ahh, Mom; okay.” he replied with a frown. He clomped back up the stairs; totally dejected.

Once back in his room he went to his window, and gazed out on the cause of all his troubles. Why did it have to be raining? Now he had nothing to do. It wasn’t fair! If it wasn’t raining, he’d be shooting baskets right now. Darn it, if--wait a minute! He could open the window, throw the basketball down, and then tell his mother that he was going out to the garage to play. Then he could pick up the basketball and head for the basketball court. Mom problem solved! He slid open his window, picked up the ball, and carefully dropped it towards the ground. It hit the sprinkler head and caromed straight into their car, parked next to the house. It slammed into the driver’s door, and bounded into some bushes. Jimmy cringed, and just knew his mother had heard, but when he bounded down the stairs and told his mother he’d be out in the garage, she absent-mindedly told him okay, and to have a good time. She hadn’t heard! Jimmy slammed the front door, and heard a disapproving comment from his mom. He quickly rounded up the basketball and headed for the elementary school. On his way by the car, he saw a huge dent in the driver’s door, where the ball had hit; shoot! Maybe it would go unnoticed.

He was approaching the court, and suddenly he wasn’t Jimmy, the ordinary kid, he was Doctor J: Dr. Jimmy, the most amazing player in the NBA!

He had thrilled the overflow crown with an amazing array of gravity-defying dunks. It almost wasn’t fair; he made the other players, superstars in their own right; look like pathetic hacks. Jimmy couldn’t jump more than a few inches off the ground, and didn’t come within 6 feet of the rim when he did jump, so he imagined himself swooping down on the rim, and wind-milling a powerful dunk through the net. There was only 6 seconds left in the game, at least regulation. Doctor Jimmy’s team, the Tacoma Treasonous Men, trailed by 1 point, as The Doc took the inbounds pass, and when right around the man trying in vain to guard him, and headed for the hoop. At the free-throw line another defender stepped into his way. Doctor Jimmy faked right, went left, and left his feet. He jumped so highally above the rim. To the ohh’s and ahh’s of the watching crowd, he slammed home the ball just before the buzzer sounded, winning the game for his team. Doctor Jimmy was mobbed by his teammates, as well as the crowd, which pored out of the stands, and joined in the delirium!

Jimmy was so caught up in his imaginary exploits, that he had failed to notice he was soaked, because of the poring rain. How would he explain this fact to his mother, who thought he was out in the garage. Oh well, he’d think of something on his long walk home. Speaking of home, he’d better get heading. Jimmy arrived home, and was still trying to think of a plausible excuse, when his mother slammed through the door. Boy, did she ever look mad! Before he could speak, his mother yelled,

“Out playing basketball, after I told you not to?”

He tried to proclaim his innocence, but with the fact that he was still carrying the basketball, which he was going to ditch behind the garage, and being soaked to the skin, she didn’t quite believe him.

“And what happened to the car door, huh?”

Oh, oh!

The End

Submitted: August 02, 2012

© Copyright 2021 Mike Stevens. All rights reserved.

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Dont know about Dunk Master, sunk master more like. True to life though. Did we ever listen to our mums? Do we now?

Jimmy imagination was on fire in this one as well as his pants would have been back in the day

Classic Jimmy tale


Thu, August 2nd, 2012 4:56pm


Thanks Dibs; and didn't we know better than our moms?

Thu, August 2nd, 2012 11:03am


I'd just like to say I didnt mean to give you the impression loads of people have been reading you. And also that infact I did only read once, but booksie froze and like any man would do I just kept hitting send out of impatients


Thu, August 2nd, 2012 5:00pm


I understand completely about impatience!

Thu, August 2nd, 2012 11:01am

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