Easter Island Egg Hunt!

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Just weird!

Submitted: May 23, 2016

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Submitted: May 23, 2016



Our group of eight went on a cruise in the Southern Hemisphere.

We were sitting around bored, just guzzling our beer,


when Sven mentioned that we were passing Easter Island proper,

and then he came up with an idea that was a real show stopper!


he said, "You know what we should do? Steal a lifeboat,

launch it, and row like a bitch, and hopefully float


over to Easter Island, and have us a real Easter egg hunt!"

So, being sufficiently inebriated, and with barely a grunt,


we gave our approval--next thing was get the ship to stop, so

Sven yelled, "Man overboard!". When the ship stopped, we go


over the other side, after the crew rushed to the sound of Sven's voice.

After we launched a lifeboat and rowed away, we rejoiced


in the fact our drunken ruse had worked so easy and so well,

too stupid to realize the ship would only look for us for so long--hell,


then we'd be stranded out here in the great expanse of nada,

with nothing--no food, no proper clothing, and no damn wata!


But, in the distance, stood Easter Island, our one and only goal.

Yes, full speed ahead for adventure, that's how we roll!


As things turned out, those stone monuments weren't quite so stony,

looking now at the pictures Sven took at the time, turns out that we


thought incorrectly--those stone behemoths were obviously toying with us,

as they were watching, I think back on it and swear and cuss,


for Sven's digital camera caught them laughing and playing us for fools.

And that we were, eight drunk idiots, who society will simply ridicule,  


because after days of nothing, drifting in this lifeboat,

the best we can hope for, is they find our charbroiled corpses, and this note!




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