Eye Ahem Da Guvner

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Humor  |  No Houses

A complete moron is elected governor of Alabama

Table of Contents

Eye Ahem Da Guvner

A complete moron is elected governor of Alabama Read Chapter

Earle Edgar Nekk on the run from the law Read Chapter

Earle Edgar Nekk continues to flee; he meets Jimmy Reno; he gets a selling job Read Chapter

Chapter Four:   Earle Edgar approached the front door of the two-story house with trepidation. He had made an arrangement wi... Read Chapter

Earle Edgar and Jimmy buy a new camper; they pull off an armed robbery; They figure out their future; start their own business, and meet Blackjack! Read Chapter

Earle Edgar and Jimmy start their own business; they find a dog, Mange; Mange gets a poker game together; Mange gets angry; Earle Edgar and Jimmy sell the business; they buy a new house; they star in a television ad; and Mange decides to cook, with disastrous results. Read Chapter

Earle Edgar and Jimmy's house catches fire; they have various misadventures at hotels; they have a falling out; Earle Edgar tries being a salesman again; they become friends again; Mange is harassed by an angry Earle Edgar; and Earle Edgar has a hard time after he decides to steal. Read Chapter

Chapter 8:   Jimmy had watched the whole frightening episode in his rearview mirror. He floored the gas, for he needed to tu... Read Chapter

Chapter 9:   Patrolman Dennis Snarf watched helplessly as the car with the 2 suspects and the hostage rolled by. The captain... Read Chapter

Jimmy Reno decides to sit it out while Earle Edgar and Oren Trough attempt to rob a convenience store; Oren is caught and flips on the other two; Earle Edgar is pursued by Detective Girder; Earle Edgar desperately tries to keep Jimmy from learning the truth; Earle Edgar is caught; and he learns of Jimmy and Oren's making it big on the comedy circuit. Read Chapter