Haiku Hoodoo 3

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Poetry  |  No Houses
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Submitted: June 13, 2012

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Submitted: June 13, 2012



Haiku Hoodo 3

/Time is a bad deal,

Keep waiting for the punch line

Take it in the shorts!/

/Amebas swirl; ooze

All the creatures great and small

Mankind never left!/

/It is tame you say

Ferocious beast; think control

Prosthetic leg on!/

/You are a jerk, putz!

People call you bad, bad names

The truth hurts so bad!/

/Never, never, no

Maybe some times; maybe yes

Okay, all the time!/

/Say it wrong, shut up!

Flapping my ignorant face

Learning to just not!/

/Wild and on parade

Two or three drinks all you need

Naked carnival!/

/One for the money,

You paid too much for THIS show!

Throw s**t in a rage!/

/Night time is too dark

Where am I going with this?

Day light seems lighter!/

/How is THAT for smart?

Professor Mike tells what up

Brain is like a sieve!/

/Say something profound

Secret of life is breathing

Got your profound here!/

/Big cat; an alarm!

Claws slashing, ripping, bad pain

Say goodbye to legs!/

/Boisterous crowd cheers,

In no way relates to me

Got booed off the stage!/

/Took a bad, bad fall

While trying to achieve plane

Cannot water-ski!/

/Fore! yell I, golfing!

You had better run for life

Golf is total s**t!/

/Hunting? It does not

Mix with Mike Stevens, no sir!

Barbaric; yes sir!/

/Rattle those chains, ghost

Uncomfortable feeling, that

Lose control; bowels!/

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