It Must Be Nice! poem

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Politics, what else?

Submitted: July 27, 2015

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Submitted: July 27, 2015




It sure must be nice to say outrageous things,

without fear of actually having to prove or do anything.

It happens every election season, without fail.

It's lying on the grandest of scales, the taller the tale,

the more the media loves it, cause it keeps us watching.

In fact, some of the whoppers are quite baffling.


The more provocative, the better, never mind the truth,

in fact the way things actually are, is considered uncouth.

That won't sell advertising time, so let them rip.

Ludicrous clowns, each sticking to their script,

jump up and down and yell 'fire!'

And warn us all of the impending dire

consequences of failing to heed their stick,

cause that's what it is, all an act, makes me sick!


Candidates can claim they'll perform miracles on day one

and eager believers will take it to heart, cause Attila the Hun

ain't got nothing on the current dude in The White House.

Yes, all 453 of the candidates will bitch and grouse

about the current leader, and how if they are elected,

everything will be magically better and their platform perfected.

But look closely, while they're flapping their face,

they're cringing while they say what they need to satisfy their base,

with no intention of doing anything of the kind,

to which true believers are gleefully, and willfully, blind!



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