Jimmy Jimmy!

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Jimmy can't get into it!

Submitted: August 31, 2012

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Submitted: August 31, 2012



Jimmy Jimmy!

By Mike Stevens

A Jimmy Tilford Tale

Jimmy Tilford was totally bummed out. He had tried, over and over, to escape into his daydreams, but was having a horrible time of it. For some reason, every time he’d start thinking about being someone else, he could not. He’d try again, but didn’t hold out much hope!

Auto-Racing Jimmy was behind the wheel of the number 5 and 1/2 car, and was trying to catch the leader, the number 12 car, driven by his arch enemy, Scotty. Scotty and he were always competing.

Hold up! He’d already daydreamed about being Speed Racer, his very favorite cartoon character, and somehow, a daydream about another race car driver didn’t seem right. See?

Gladiator Jimmy faced the ferocious, blood-thirsty

Jimmy thought of drinking blood; gross!

lions, who paced just out of reach, waiting for their chance. Soon, they’d grow impatient, and attack--

Jimmy’s imagination crashed and burned at that point. He simply could not concentrate enough to finish this daydream. What was wrong with him?

Jimmy awoke the next morning, with his head literally exploding with ideas for cool daydreams. Yes; all he needed was a good night’s sleep!

He thought about what would happen if your head actually exploded; gross!

The End

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