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Old Mcdonald had a farm...but I don't.

Submitted: June 26, 2013

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Submitted: June 26, 2013



  For a while my husband and I had talked about getting chickens.  I wasn't too keen on the idea, but thought that put me one hoof closer to getting a pony.Well, after much discussion...we didn't end up getting chickens (or a pony) but the idea of having a new critter around the house was still on my mind. So, I picked up a couple parakeets. Sure, I know little (if anything) about the little dinosaurs, but I've been to pet stores was certain I could have one speaking full sentences in a matter of days. Now, as a pet owner I think it's important that animals have a frequent taste of freedom. I've always thought that dogs need time to run free in an open field and birds need time to spread their wings...in our bathroom. ANYWAY, I let the birds out thinking that their clipped wings would allow them to glide gracefully here and there. And they did, however, what I didn't expect was the THUD landing. Glide, glide...THUD! Glide, glide...THUD! It was horrifying. This was the first time they'd been out of their cage and I still hadn't really held either one. Fearing that their flight skills would eventually lead them to the compost bin, I quickly snatched one off the ground. He sat nicely, but his little feathers vibrated with fear; so I put him on my shoulder, certainly my GIANT face was a lot less scary than my hand. To my surprise he didn't fly off...however, he started walking around on my shoulder, then moved his way to my back. I was now hunched over on the floor trying to shoo this boney little rat-like thing off my back. After a few minutes of trying, seriously, I was FINALLY able to push him along and safely put both back into their cage. Where they belong.

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