"Line-Drive Badmitton Set"

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A new fun game for people full of hate!

Submitted: June 25, 2011

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Submitted: June 25, 2011



“Line-Drive Bad Mitten Set”


“Are you p**sed at someone who calls themselves a friend?

Do you like tennis? Well, we have a perfect way to send

that bastard crying back from which they came

Introducing the Line-Drive Bad Mitten Set. It’s a game

the whole family can enjoy. As long as they’re mad

at some bastard, it’s more than a passing fad

It’s a scientific fact that holding anger inside

will knaw at your gizzards, until you have died

Our game is a perfect way to calm yourself down,

and have a few laughs, just like a circus clown

Our new game is similar to tennis, but much more deadly

So, get in the game! Are you sure you’re ready?

No wimps allowed, and no pansy’s can play,

if you are strong as steel, play it today!

Invite your victim over to play the game

If they had a fricking clue, they’d see you’re not the same

gentle, serene, and fun-loving guy

Now, you have a look of revenge in your eye

Women can use it, too, but in our ad it’s a man

Like we were saying, invite to play, someone you can’t stand,

then say, “It’s my fricking game, so I’ll serve first!”

Then, with adrenaline and anger, you’re about to burst

Imagine their shocked surprise,

when you launch it right at their eyes,

as hard as you can, the birdie, tipp-

ed with razor-sharp steel that rips

into their flesh and they anoint you as the winner, ‘cause the don’t want the point to hurt them again.

That’s when you raise your fricking hands, over your head as the champion, while they’ll be also-rans!”

© Copyright 2017 Mike Stevens. All rights reserved.

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