My Inflatable Marriage

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A rubber marriage!

Submitted: July 26, 2011

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Submitted: July 26, 2011



My Inflatable Marriage

By Mike Stevens

Today’s the day for me to find true happiness

I asked my baby-doll to marry me, and she said yes

All my friends and family are gathered in this church, ready for the celebration

of me finally taking the plunge; I usually run,

but not this time, I don’t feel so threatened

Everyone thought that my woman was just a pretend

babe, but now they sit there shocked

She’s a real looker; man, does she ever rock!

Of course, her family stares straight up in the sky,

and when my friends and family asks me why,

I say that’s how they have to sit, hour after hour,

They’ll never have to stretch their legs, yes, they have the power

of putting up with everything, and to look past

any of the problems, that says it will not last,

this union between flesh and blood and

rubber, but I’ve really got to hand

it to my bride, she’s taken it all in stride

She’s the silent girl who’s actions don’t try to hide

the fact that she’s found true

love; in the form of me; and no blue,

downer days will she ever suffer

The only problem I can possibly foresee, is if her mother

blows up something minor into a major calamity

But my rubber woman is completely devoted to me

We never seem to argue, maybe because she can’t talk

She never tries to run away, because she cannot walk,

so we always work things out, she’ll never just turn away

And not having a mouth, she’ll never say

the wrong thing

No hurtful words will cross her lips, and the suffering that brings

So all in all I see this lasting, forever and a day,

because no matter what I do, she’ll never walk away!

© Copyright 2017 Mike Stevens. All rights reserved.

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