My Inflatable Woman

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One man's description of his woman!

Submitted: July 23, 2011

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Submitted: July 23, 2011



My Inflatable Woman

Rubber clothes, rubber babe

Doesn’t talk too much, but says I’m her fave

We have everything in common, our interests coincide

We both like old movies, and going for a ride

in the car when we’re spitting mad,

and watching it rain make’s both of us sad

We both can read for hours, we both like a good mystery

Some people get offended when she stares, but she

can’t blink, so they really have to understand

she doesn’t mean to be rude; offhand,

I’d say she comes across as a little rigid,

but believe you me, she’s anything but frigid!

We hit it off right from the very start

When I saw her in the window, I lost my heart!

She used to live in a specialty shop, now

she lives with me

I never knew how happy I could be,

We go almost everywhere together, she never leaves me alone

When I have to go away, I call her on the phone

She doesn’t speak too often, like I said before

But when I come home from work, she’s waiting by the door

She always is pleasant, she’s always on

my side; I’m sure she supports me, doesn’t know how to con

She’s my perfect silent partner in the company that is she and I

When I’ve had a lousy day, I can always tell her why

Yes, my inflatable woman and I, always bounce right back

from any kind of trouble; yes, I found true love, and that’s a fact!

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