Ninja Warrior Jimmy!--A Jimmy Tilford Tale

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Ninja Warrior Jimmy!

By Mike Stevens

A Jimmy Tilford Tale

10 year old Jimmy Tilford was bored, as per usual. Outside, where he’d planned on spending a lot of time this weekend, the rain dripped from the eves, and the wind was howling. Dang it! Why did this always happen to him? He had been looking forward to the weekend, which never seemed to get any closer, for months it seemed, and when it finally arrived? Rain; it just wasn’t fair! Not that the rain would have stopped him, but his mother told him he’d better stay inside. Stupid rain! Now what should he do? His mother came into the living room, where Jimmy sat on the couch, kicking his feet out of frustration and boredom, staring out at the dripping fun-killer, and said,

“Jimmy, since it’s pouring rain outside, why don’t you watch a movie or something?”

A movie? Boring! “I don’t know, Mom, that doesn’t sound very fun.”

“Oh, Jimmy, why don’t you watch that movie you rented yesterday; it has to be returned tomorrow.”

Shoot; oh well, he couldn’t think of anything funner. “Okay Mom,” and he rose from the couch, put the DVD of, “King of the Warriors” in the player, and was soon transported to Persia, where he became the leader of a band of ninja warriors:

Prince Jimmy scowled at Nedusa, the leader of a rival, evil band of ninja’s, who were intent on taking control of Nefarious, the land surrounding them, as far as the eye could see, in every direction.

“Not today! Not any day!” he replied sharply to Nedusa’s demand that Prince Jimmy and his Ninja army step aside, and allow Nedusa and his evil band of Ninja’s into the kingdom of Nefarious and take control, and drew his sword. The rest of the Ninja’s followed suit, and the two rival armies were exchanging first dirty looks, then actual swordplay. Prince Jimmy did a back flip away from Nedusa’s sword thrust, and turned and parried (Jimmy thought that was the right word!) Nedusa’s follow up move, their sword clanging together.

The battle raged for what seemed to Jimmy like hours, with both sides too quick to be struck down by the other, when suddenly Prince Jimmy launched an overwhelming attack, and Nedusa’s sword went spinning out of his hands, and he yelled in a panicky voice,

“Men, this battle is lost; run for your lives!”, and the evil Ninja army threw down their weapons and hightailed it away from there.

All of the kingdom of Nefarious celebrated wildly when they learned of Prince Jimmy’s triumph, and the king of the kingdom touched his sword’s blade on both shoulders of a kneeling Prince Jimmy, and said,

“Prince Jimmy, as the leader of The Ninja Army of Good, and protector of The Kingdom of Nefarious, I think I speak for all Nefariousons, when I say, ‘Good job!’ and I hereby proclaim you Sir Jimmy!”

A mighty cheer rose up from the gathered citizens, and newly named Sir Jimmy, smiled, and let the praise wash over him!

“Jimmy, Jimmy, it’s no longer raining out, although the wind’s still blowing, so if you’re going to go outside, better put your jacket on.”

He’d barely heard his mom, so lost in his Sir Jimmy daydream. He clicked ‘stop’ on the DVD player, put on his coat, and reluctantly left the Kingdom of Nefarious behind.

The End

Submitted: September 17, 2012

© Copyright 2022 Mike Stevens. All rights reserved.

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Being such a skillful Ninja I bet his mum never even saw him leave. Once again Jimmy at his daydreaming best. Tough Prince to a sir? isn't that a demotion.


Tue, September 18th, 2012 11:56am


Thanks Dibs; I know there's a snappy comeback, but it's too fricking early here to think of it, so this is it!

Tue, September 18th, 2012 6:23am

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