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A fake add for a new made-for-t.v. movie airing on B.A.A.D. Television!

Submitted: July 25, 2013

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Submitted: July 25, 2013




Advertisement For What's Airing Tonight On the B.A.A.D. Television Network


Wow, The B.A.A.D.  (Billionaires in Attitude, Appearance, and Drunk) Television Network is proud to announce their latest show, 'Phalicula', airing tonight at dinner time, brought to you with an obscene amount of commercial interruptions, by 'Goiter Ointment'."Phalicula' tells the story of Horty Spangler, a man who's controlled by his Johnson; which comes out of Spanglers' pants at night to roam London streets in search of fun.  Horror to laughter, the entire spectrum of possible entertainment is all covered in this fun-for-the-entire-family, made-for-television movie event!

In response to all of you who wrote in complaining that we only air low-life trash,  SUCK IT!

In reply to all of you who wrote in saying we use much too much hardcore filthy language, see above! 

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