'Pin the Blame on Obama!'

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A new game show!

Submitted: December 10, 2015

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Submitted: December 10, 2015



"Hello, America, this is your host, Glen Gleamer, and welcome to a brand-new game show where competitors, mostly Republican, but also some Democrats, and lately, the media, compete to see how many different thing they can blame on the President. No matter how far out there the accusation, points will be scored, and at the end of the show, totaled up, and prizes will be awarded.


First prize is a home lie-detector, so the person can see for themselves how true or untrue an accusation is. Comes with this handy T.V. Hooker, so you can hook it right to the horse's ass--err--mouth, the cable news channels. There will be no prizes for the runners up, because, as the leading Republican candidate says, "Losing is for losers!", well, he hasn't said that yet, but you can bet your bottom that he will, soon.  Okay, contestants, let's play 'Pin the Blame on Obama!. Okay, hands on buzzers, players, and let's pla--hey, I said 'on buzzers,'! Okay, Mister Trump, representing the Gigantic Ego Braggart wing of the Republican Party, let's hear what you're going blame the president for?


"Thank me, for telling the American people the truth--this president is a complete loser, a knob..."





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