Poem: Uncertainty

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Sometime how I feel when trying something new

Submitted: November 10, 2011

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Submitted: November 10, 2011




Oh that terrible feeling, should I or shouldn’t I?

I’ll probably be laughed at, so why even try?

I feel that it will explode in my face,

the elusive success that I chase

Sometimes I feel so far beyond my comfort zone

Sometimes I feel success is only on loan

My attitude has kept me from trying

anything out of the ordinary; I’d be lying

if I claimed I never feel uncertain

If my success was a play, they might bring down the curtain

at any time, and leave me standing here,

that all the praise I get will soon disappear

The truth is, I don’t trust the praise

I get; feel like people are disingenuous when the say

they really liked something I may have done

At any kind of success I turn and run

back in my shell, back were I feel safe

Back to the comfortable confines of my usual place

It’s safer on my feelings to not take a chance

that laughter will greet me, and stab me like a lance

If I never take a chance, I’ll never feel the pain

that accompanies this uncertainty in my brain

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