Sergeant Shriek 2-Life in the Dorm

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The 2nd poem in the Sergeant Shriek series

Submitted: August 18, 2011

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Submitted: August 18, 2011




Life in the Dorm

 By Mike Stevens

 A Sergeant Shriek Poem


“Get your candy-a***s out of the rack,

Yes, your hell begins well before the crack

of dawn.Move, move, move!

If you’re not up in 5 minutes, your lives will be screwed!

Well, to be perfectly honest, they’re screwed anyway,

because you’re here with me; can you say,

“I’m a just moron, and Shriek knows best

He’s going to put me to the anti-moron test!”

So, ladies, hit the bricks! Come on, you bunch of dip-s***s!

Here you panty-waists sit;

like the lumps of lazy crap you

apparently are; too lazy to even move!

They told me to expect the worst,

but what I’m seeing as a matter of course,

is a bunch of walrus-butted dainty faces!

Even that statue out front of this place

moves quicker than you all do!

I expect you all to be ready to run, fools!

“But what about chow?”, I heard someone say

The only thing you’ll be eating is the dirt, okay?

No soldier of mine puts food before pain

I hear somebody mumbling, “This bastard’s insane!”

Just because one of you thinks he’s got comedy talent,

you’re all going to be wondering where all the miles went,

that every one of you has to run

extra: wearing full pack and your gun!

Now I suggest getting out that door right now;

That I’ve got to break you down, and build you up again, I’ve got to think on how!”







© Copyright 2019 Mike Stevens. All rights reserved.

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