Sergeant Shriek 5--"Come On, Follow Me!"

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The 5th poem in the Sergeant Shriek series

Submitted: August 18, 2011

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Submitted: August 18, 2011



“Come on, Follow Me!”

By Mike Stevens

A Sergeant Shriek Poem

“Men, I say you’re not ready, but there’s no one

else to respond,

so, it seems I’ve been overruled; you’re being called upon

to stop disaster; to do your part

to help, but I still say you’ll be torn apart,

but come on, follow me!

Let’s go see what we can see.”

On this bright and sunny day,

Our combat group was charged with finding a way

to control a rowdy, out-of-control crowd,

who were being rather-too-loud,

screaming “We want higher wages, and we’re pissed!”

I thought about all the training we’d missed

out on, but apparently we’re the only one’s

who aren’t elsewhere, so we double-checked our guns

just to make sure, but the truth-be-told,

if the crowd got nasty, angry and bold,

we weren’t going to stop them; they could do whatever they wanted

So when we ordered them to halt, they kept on undaunted

We all looked to Sergeant Shriek to show us what to do,

on how to stop this swirling mob, for he should have a clue

He stepped out front, and screamed, “I order you to stop! Don’t

take another step, you bastard jerks! I won’t

hesitate to open fire on your a***s! Return to your

homes!” The angry crowd kept right on advancing, suddenly more

debris filled the air, with shouts of, “Bulls**t!

We’re not leaving till we get

what we came here for!” We

didn’t have a clue what that was, but we could see

that they were picking up stuff to throw,

and Sergeant Shriek was looking so

afraid. Here he was, charged with lead-

ing us mere kids into battle with an angry mob. “Retreat!”

he screamed as he ran past like a blur

And as he was running, over his shoulder we heard,

“Come on, follow me!” So we turned to follow,

By the time we got back to the barracks, I could hardly swallow

We couldn’t believe it, Sergeant Shriek was a puss!

He acted so tough, but when push

came to shove he’d folded like a cheap tent!

From now on, we wouldn’t take any crap off “El Foldo Gent”!

© Copyright 2019 Mike Stevens. All rights reserved.

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