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The reject pile for The Know Shit Network!

Submitted: September 07, 2015

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Submitted: September 07, 2015



"Howdy, it's your old pal Clem Gummer here, to tell you sum bitches, that if you thought our new actual upcoming shows sounded like a bad joke, it could have been worse!  Here are some rejects:"


'Why Don't You Come Over, and We Could, I Don't Know, Do Stuff'--starring Cliffie D--synopsis--hip-hop star Cliffie D would have friends over.  Deemed basically plot-less and action-less--plus, the damn title would have been a long sum bitch!

'Hacksaw Hank's Workshop'--starring Hank Butters--synopsis--Hank Butters makes stuff. Deemed, who would gives a shit, and who in the hell is Hank Butters?

'Fish Stick Friday's'--starring Bottom Feeder Flanagan--synopsis--world famous fisherman Bottom Feeder Flanagan uses his unorthodox technique to catch several fish, then takes you back to his place for a fish fry to start the weekend right. Deemed a bullshit idea to begin with!

'Prank You!'--Comedian Ron Sickles takes some of the same jokes as in his nightclub act, and makes racist prank phone calls. Deemed an even worse idea than 'Fish Stick Friday's'

'The Clem Gummer Variety Hour'--starring yours truly--synopsis--I sing, dance, and tell jokes, in this amusing new idea for a show. Deemed unwatchable, due to the fact that I don't know anything bout none of that shit!

"So, as you can see, you the viewers, are five lucky sum bitches. This is your buckskin narrator, signing off with a big ole yee-fricking-haw-de-do-da!"


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