Sideshow at the Carnival!

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The Republican presidential field!

Submitted: July 21, 2015

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Submitted: July 21, 2015




"Step right up, ladies and gentleman, and prepare to be amazed

at the biggest collection of freaks this side of crazed.

You'll see birthers, down-at-the-mouth ass-kissers,

climate-deniers--all otherwise known as the 'no-answers'.


They're content to shoot flaming character-arrows

 at the president--can anyone say 'play those banjos,

boys, cause we're like something straight out of 'Deliverance'?

Yes, the truth to them is just a complete hindrance


If you're looking for truth, or even common sense,

you won't believe your eyes that anyone could be so dense.

You ain't gonna find those things here, we'll tell you that much,

cause these Neanderthals are completely  out of touch.


Someone forgot to tell them that 1952 is over,

because these knuckle-draggers didn't get the memo--cover

your children's ears, they won't want to hear

how the future's going to blow, how they should let fear

rule their lives, just like they did.

And God help us if their presidential bid

should fall short, cause the other side is dangerously ignorant,

willing to let America become the world's doormat.


I know we sound like downers, but our circus is lot's of fun,

good for high T.V. ratings if nothing else--this is one

sideshow carnival you don't want to miss,

yes, it's nirvana--believe us, it'll be a cable-watchers bliss!"








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