Super Glue Too; poem

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Entry qualifications for the 'Super Glued Brain' Club!

Submitted: May 01, 2013

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Submitted: May 01, 2013




Super Glue Too


I’ve been asked, "What are the reasons for why

You feel like your brain is super glued shut?"

Well, I don’t know, but I’m starting a club

For others to join, who might be feeling the same

If one, more, or all of the following has ever happened

To you, you most likely qualify as an Expert-Level

Member of ‘The Super Glued Brain’ Club:

1.  Have you ever sat staring at the computer screen for hours,

And more hours, and had the thought that somehow,

If you just walk away, the computer will magically finish it

For me?  2.  Have you ever spent hours working on an idea,

Before realizing it’s quite possibly THE single stupidest idea,

ANYONE has ever had in the history of the written word?

3.  Ever been super-proud of a story, put it up for comments,

And the first comment you receive starts out, “What, were you

HIGH when you wrote this?” and that is the most positive

Part of the comment? 4.  You think up the best scenario

Ever devised by man, crank up the your computer,

Sit down to start typing; you're so excited, and 'nothing';

The idea is gone.  There are other reasons why

You might qualify for membership in the club,

But I’ve only included four...oh, okay, I couldn’t think of anymore!

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