Television's Version of Hell!

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Certain Numbness Network's all day, all-night political coverage!

Submitted: March 16, 2016

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Submitted: March 16, 2016



"Hello, join me, Bard Histogram, for an all-day Election 16' Viewer Orgy--err--Knowledge Event. Coverage never stops--err, begins at 3 am." "Hold it, 3 am? Really?"

"Yes, Bard, 3 am."

"And that's different from around the clock already, how?"
"Come on, Bard, it's what you're supposed to say."

"I mean, I get what we're trying to do, I really do, but come on, treating the viewer like they're children, unable to distinguish between a special, and what we're already doing? Although, some of our viewers are kids, apparently."

"Just read what's written on the promo card, so we can get done, and I can go home sometime today, huh? Why do you always have to be so assholly?"

"Fine, are we rolling? 'Sheep-like Robot, take 2! 'Hello, join me, Bard Histogram, for a non-stop moron-fest, starting a 3 am. Apparently, you're so gullible and idiotic,--"

"Shit-o-dear, Bard, why are you busting my balls?"

"No, let me record this the way I want, and I'll take the heat from management. Maybe when the see one of their own stating the obvious, something will click in their tiny pea brains, and they'll suddenly wake up. Naw! Listen, just let me record this the way I want, eh, Joe..."


The End


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