"The Curse of the Fox Zombies!"

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Submitted: September 03, 2015

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Submitted: September 03, 2015



"With Halloween approaching, there comes a reality show scarier than any horror movie ever made, 'The Curse of the Fox Zombies!' Follows a rag-tag group of seemingly-ordinary people/voters who have fallen under the Svelgali-like spell of Big Roger.

These poor people are oblivious to the fact that their minds have been taken over by paranoid freaks who cry wolf and scream like a ten year old girl who's afraid of the monster in the dark that's not real--but who they're just sure is going to come out while they sleep, and suck out their brains with a straw.

They swear that every other channel is lying, and that only Fox is telling the truth. They see conspiracies everywhere, even in their bowl of Cheerios they eat hurriedly slurp down on their way to another all-day marathon of watching The Fox News Channel. 

What's truly frightening is, like Strother Martin says in the movie, 'Cool Hand Luke', "Some men you just can't reach!" That's right, these zombies won't listen to reason, or anything else that the gods at Fox haven't certified as true. It's as if their free will has been suppressed, leaving only a non-thinking robot in its place.

And, this show is so terrifying, because it's true! So, this Halloween season, or any season for that matter, be sure to look for, "The Curse of the Fox Zombies!" coming to a T.V. screen near your couch--actually, it's playing on The Fox News Channel on a continuous loop, so we guess you can watch, like whenever."










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