The Personal B.C.R. Files

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A small glimpse into the world of the members of B.C.R!

Submitted: January 14, 2013

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Submitted: January 14, 2013




The Personal B.C.R. Files-(1984)

B.C.R. is:

Elvis Kidd: Guitars; All Flutes

Joe Peachy: Drums; All Evil-Sounding


Sinnbad Johnson: Bass Guitar; All


Charlie Ripper; Vocals; All Evil-Sounding,

Banshee-Like Screams

Les Triple: Guitars; All Synthesizer

Evil-Sounding Evil Sounds


Elvis Kidd:

Age: Forty-Eight

Height: Five-Nine

Weight: Unavailable

Hair: Rug

Former Jobs Held: Exotic Male Dancer;

Smiley’s Pump and-Go Mini-Market

Bands That Have Influenced You The

Most: Lava Lid; Sour Milk

Favorite Entertainer: Humper, the

Juggling Wonder


Joe Peachy:

Age: Forty-three


Weight: Three Hundred Pounds

Hair: Yep

Former Jobs Held: Cemetery-Plot Tele-

Marketer; Gut-Bomb Burgers

Bands That Have Influenced You The Most:

Devil Spray; Scroad-Kisser

Favorite Entertainer: Throat-Less Earl,

The Amazing Sword-Swallower


Sinnbad Johnson:

Age: Really Doesn’t Matter

Height: Six-Ten

Weight: One Hundred and Twenty-Six Pounds

Hair: Some, Yes

Former Jobs Held: None

Bands That Have Influenced You The Most:

The Pierced Rubber Band

Favorite Entertainer: Slappy the Clown


Charlie Ripper:

Age: Fifty-Six

Height: Seven-Two

Weight: Two Hundred and Fifty Pounds

Hair: All Gone

Former Jobs Held: Jimbo’s Car Wash;

Greasy’s Pork and Leave

Bands That Have Influenced You The Most:

Gout-Face; The Dumpers


Les Triple:

Age: Old Enough to Know Better

Height: Five-Two

Weight: Ninety Pounds

Hair: Short, Almost Like Bull-Dyke

Former Jobs Held: Barnacle Scraper

Cloggo’s  Ice Cream Emporium

Favorite Entertainer: Paula Bendy, Adult Film Star


"The members of B.C.R. spend most of their free time together, playing some rad video games, debating the virtues of their various hair-care products or waxes, drinking heavily at a tavern, and yelling to other customers how rich they are."


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