"The Rhyming Ray Big-Fun Hour"

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An advertisement for a new children's show, using poetry

Submitted: May 01, 2011

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Submitted: May 01, 2011



“Hey kids; do you want a T.V. show all

of your own?Not that pornographic s*** that they call

‘Adult Entertainment’?How about ‘Non-Grown-up'

Entertainment’?Well, wish no more!Your ‘Fun Cup'

will be overflowing.Introdu-cing,

and, after watching it, you just can’t loose,

The Rhyming Ray Big-Time Fun Hour

Finally, a show for kids to watch that won’t leave a dour,

“Man, This Show Sucks!” frown upon your

face.Rhyming Ray will keep you coming back for more

See, Ray understands children more than most

He was dropped on his head as a child, so soon you’ll boast,

"At fricking last; a grown-up who thinks like a child!”

Ray will not only entertain you with rhymes, but, and this is wild,

he sticks his hand in a sock, and suddenly, the sock is “Alive”

But have no fear, the sock is clean, so, “Give him a high-five!”

Yep, you got it.Make new friends with his sock-puppet creations,

and for his rhymes, Ray uses different variations

on the theme, “Being a kid blows!I wish I was cool,

instead of being an uncoordinated fool"

So, each poem is its own tale,

about how much you’d like to wail

on an adult; of your frustrations, and about your wish to tell

some adults to “Go to hell!”

Yes, Rhyming Ray understands

how you want to give adults the back of your hand

But, since, if you did, that adult would beat you to s***,

you should just watch Ray’s show, and never admit

just how much you hate their guts

If you act on that hatred, you’re fricking nuts

There’s absolutely no way you’ll be able to

watch Ray’s show, if you’re in prison.So, if you

assault someone, it can’t be undone

Ray knows all about life on the run;

your not wanting to be caught, so you’re on the lamb

So, please, please, don’t do anything unwise and get in a jam

Rhyming Ray believes its okay to wish someonedead,

but don’t hit them with a shovel, and cave in their head

Ray knows all-to-well, just how much the big-house sucks,

what with its cruelty, and its violence run amok

So, if you have to, change your name,

just like Ray did, so then you and he will be the same

And now, if you mention our ad,

you can buy the same mask that Ray wears.Don’t be sad

If you call right now, we’ll send you a pair, just in case

you know, just in case you have an extra-wide face

So, come-on, kids, watch Rhyming Ray’s new show,

if there’s “Adult” things you’ve just got to know!

© Copyright 2017 Mike Stevens. All rights reserved.

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