The Turkey Leg Blues

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A turkey's lament!

Submitted: November 27, 2014

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Submitted: November 27, 2014



Yeah, I'm a turkey; haven't you ever seen a rhyming turkey before?

Sometimes, all the turkey stereotypes are such a bore

You've all heard them, "Oh, they are dumber than a rock!;

If it rains, they'll stare at the clouds and drown; they'll cock-

A-doodle-doo at dawn"--err--maybe that's my cousin the chicken

The point is, they have no clue the shithouses; where we've beenKept; deplorable!  Now, do you think a dumb-ass turkey

Would ever use a word like that?  Huh?  I may be

Damn ugly, yes, but even that pisses me off

While I'll admit some of us are a little soft

In the head, to judge us all because of the stupidity of a few?

Is just poultry profiling; how would you

Like to try to live with a meat cleaver hanging over your head

Every Thanksgiving Day?  Live with the threat of suddenly being dead;

Just so some upright-walking bastard can stuff his face

With the deceased body of Uncle Cluck or Aunt Winona; get off our case!

I've got the 'Turkey Leg Blues' and I can't seem to shake it

And I will have them until this Thanksgiving shit

Is over for another year; go carve a pumpkin!

Of course, pumpkins may disagree, but the din

They raise will be non-existent because they truly are brainless,

So it's really gourde-profiling, I guess!



















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